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    GOLD Download HMCCosmetics 2.1.2

    HMCCosmetics is an important project of ours, and we enjoy working on it (it's actually used by our server, HibiscusMC!). Going forward, it will mostly get version updates and bug fixes. If you want a more active project that is getting new features, please check out MCCosmetics. It's a free and...
  2. R


    Map Description: This 50x50 map is a great hub/lobby or spawn. This Greek themed Minecraft map features a floating island with a large building in the clouds. In the center of the building is an elevated platform, ideal for spawning. Map information: The map was tested on versions...
  3. SOHAM

    NULLED ✈️Vehicles (No resourcepacks needed!) Only Spigot >= 1.14

  4. SOHAM

    NULLED [Official] mcMMO - Original Author Returns! 2.1.214

    mcMMO Features #1 RPG Mod for Minecraft of ALL TIME! Fully featured mmo-like party system Admins can start XP events Localization Robust Skills Countless Skills and Abilities! Custom items! XP Bars Competitive Skill Leaderboards Skills that focus on fun gameplay rather than restriction Follows...
  5. SOHAM

    NULLED [1.8-1.19] zAuctionHouse (+1100 servers online)

    Multiple servers addon: purchase here Discord bot: download here Configurable message Configurable inventories Configurable categories MySQL, PgSQL, MariaDB and JSON storage System to convert data from other plugins Soutien à l'écononie : Vault, PlayerPoint, TokenManager ; MySQL Token, Level...
  6. Julia Dev

    GOLD LostBedWars 2.3.17

    LOST BED WARS This is a Bed Wars plugin based in the most popular server and it's fully customizable! You can create your own maps, leaderboards, languages, playnpcs, shopkeeper skins and more! GENERAL FEATURES API MultiArena LeaderBoards Play Game NPCs Statistics Coins (Compatible with...
  7. KrulAsami

    Free MMOItems 6.7.3

    Welcome to MMOItems! Source Code | Documentation | Legacy Version | Issue Tracker | Metrics | Trello Make sure you download MythicLib first! Join our Discord/website in order to get daily dev builds Unique Item Types (wiki) MMOItems introduces new original item types, such as slashing...
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