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The Ninja Samurai class is a subclass of the Assassin class that focuses on agility.
The Ninja Samurai class is a melee physical damager that uses rapid slashes and thrusts while moving extremely fast.
Mark your enemies using Piercing Shuriken and slice them up with your Death Charge!

This pack contains:
  • Katana of Ninja Samurai (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 7 skills bound
  • Shiny Katana of Ninja Samurai (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 7 skills bound
  • Flow State FX (Skill Model)
  • Blood Slash FX (Skill Model)
  • Blood Pierce FX (Skill Model)
  • Laceration Dash FX (Skill Model)
  • Laceration Slash FX (Skill Model)
  • Blood Cut FX (Skill Model)
  • Smoke Bomb FX (Skill Model)
  • Smoke Bomb Cloud FX (Skill Model)
  • Piercing Shuriken FX (Skill Model)
  • Piercing Shuriken Mark FX (Skill Model)
  • Death Charge Spin FX (Skill Model)
  • Death Symbol FX (Skill Model)
  • Shadow Slash FX (Skill Model)
  • Shadow Pierce FX (Skill Model)
  • Shadow Spin FX (Skill Model)
  • Shadow Cut FX (Skill Model)
  • Shadow Ground Pound FX (Skill Model)
  • 4 Player Shadow FX (Skill Model)
  • 7 skill icons
  • 13 custom sound effects
  • MythicLib custom skills config
  • MMOCore class & skills config
  • MMOItems & MythicCrucible support
  • Emissive skill textures for Optifine
  • Instruction on how to get the equipment in-game
  • Resource pack included
  • ItemsAdder config – Easy Drag & Drop! (Supports version 3.3+)
  • Oraxen config – Easy Drag & Drop!
  • Skill upgrade function for MMOCore: Upgrade your skill level for higher damage, reduced cooldown, longer duration, etc
    • Ex) Customizable base damage, per-level damage, minimum / maximum damage
  • Party/Guildfunction:
    • Damages and debuffs only apply to non-party/guild members
    • Heals and buffs only apply to party/guild members

  • Passive – Flow State (Passive): Every use of “Blood Slash” grants stacking bonus movement speed, stacking up to Speed III maximum. Taking damage resets this counter.
  • Basic Attack – Blood Slash (Left): Perform a bloody slash attack. Every third strike performs a triple pierce attack.
  • Skill 1 – Laceration (Right): Instantly dash through your enemy, causing deadly damage moments later.
  • Skill 2 – Smoke Bomb (Shift + Shift): Toss a smoke bomb that creates an aura of smoke. The aura grants you jump boost and invisibility while giving blindness and slowness to enemies.
  • Skill 3 – Piercing Shuriken (Shift + Right): Dash backwards and throw a shuriken that bounces between enemies up to 3 times, leaving a shuriken mark.
  • Skill 4 – Death Charge (Hold Shift): Charge towards marked enemies while spinning your blade up to 4 times.
  • Ultimate – Forbidden Art (Shift + Left): Enter shadow mode and dash forwards, rapidly piercing your enemies 5 times. You perform a spinnning slash, taking your enemies to the air and slashing them multiple times. You perform a final strike, bringing your enemies to the ground causing aftereffect damages moments later.

You only need one of the three – MMOItems, MMOCore, OR MythicCrucible to make the pack work. You don’t need all of them.

MythicMobs (Premium)
Tested on version 1.18.2, MythicMobs (5.1.0), MMOItems (6.7.4), MythicLib (1.3.3), MythicCrucible (1.4.0), MMOCore (1.9.4), Resource pack included
Tested on version 1.19.2, MythicMobs (5.2.1), MMOItems (6.8.2), MythicLib (1.4.2), MythicCrucible (1.5.0), MMOCore (1.10.2), Resource pack included
Tested on version 1.19.4, MythicMobs (5.2.6), MMOItems (6.9.3), MythicLib (1.5.2), MythicCrucible (1.6.0), MMOCore (1.11.3), ModelEngine (R3.1.7), Resource pack included
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