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  • Support unlimited customization of fishing progress bar UI, customization of interval probability, number of intervals, floating speed
  • Highly customizable fishing probability system based on weight
  • Customize more than ten kinds of fishing conditions, custom Papi expressions "or" "and"
  • Support ItemsAdder, Oraxen, MythicMobs, MMOItems item libraries as drops
  • Highly optimized, most of the operations are performed asynchronously, and the information display is purely sent by packets
  • And much more

About Resource Pack

This plugin works based on a resource pack, premade resource pack is available in Discord if you have verified your purchase (use /verify to activate the verification bot). You can make your own extensions if you want.

NOTE: This plugin requires ProtocolLib5.0 and Paper(or its forks) to work!

Game Mechanics​

Fishing Mini-game:

Player can experience a totally different fishing mechanic, getting rid of the boring vanilla fishing system. Bar's layout and difficulty are customizable!


Lava Fishing:

Lava fishing is something difficult to achieve but really romantic. It used to be an idea but in CustomFishing it comes true!


Fishing Totems:​

Totem can provide additional buffs for players in it. Totem block supports unlimited pattern and custom blocks from ItemsAdder & Oraxen


Fishing Bags:

Fishing bag (with MySQL & MariaDB support) is a special container where players can store their baits/rods/utilities. Baits in offhand/fishing bag would be consumed on casting the rod with a fake item animation.



Other features:​

● Fishing competition: allows players to compete for prizes. CustomFishing supports Redis Server to sync competition data between servers!

● MythicMobs support: Players can fish MythicMobs, so you can make sharks, TNTs or any other interesting stuffs with this feature.

● Fish Finder: A utility for players to see the possible loots here

● Condition system: Over 10 built-in conditions and supports Placeholder conditions with expressions!

● Sell shop: A shop where players can sell their fish, and it is powered by custom price formula. The GUI is totally customizable.

● Powerful item system: supports custom NBT tags, and other hooked plugin's items. You can even import an item from other plugins with a simple /customfishing improt command.

● Highly optimized: Packet based system. Fishing Bars & fake items would not cause lag on server side. A special method is used to get player's next loot asynchronously.

● Enchantments: CustomFishing doesn't have an enchantment system but it's able to read enchantments from NBT tags and customize its buffs. So plugins for example EcoEnchants would be totally compatible.

Plugin Command​

  • /customfishing items loot/bait/util/rod get/give
  • /customfishing competition start/end/cancel
  • /customfishing reload
  • /customfishing import file
  • /fishingbag open [player]
  • /sellfish

Permission Node​

  • customfishing.admin
  • customfishing.sellfish
  • fishingbag.rows.1-6


  • %competition_rank%
  • %competition_score%
  • %competition_time%
  • %competition_minute%
  • %competition_second%
  • %competition_1st_score%
  • %competition_1st_player%
  • %competition_2nd_score%
  • %competition_2nd_player%
  • %competition_3rd_score%
  • %competition_3rd_player%

About Payment​


If you are a Chinese user and can't use PayPal or Stripe, WeChat and AliPay is supported here: Link
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