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Please note that GrimAC is not compatible with ProtocolLib 4.x. If you are using ProtocolLib, you must update the ProtocolLib 5.x build: ProtocolLib [Jenkins] .

GrimAC is an open source anti-cheat. It may eventually become a paid service and/or include the offering of additional paid subscription-based checks.

Anti-cheat is stable for servers 1.8 and 1.19, both versions are well tested. It was written for version 1.19 and has been ported. Please note that we do not yet fully support the experimental datapack 1.19.3, this will result in undefined behavior.

There is a 1:1 simulation of player movements to prevent illegitimate actions. It detects 99.99% anti-cb, 0.0001% speed increase and almost any movement cheat tested on it. It can even detect Optifine FastMath both in reach and in motion.

Geyser players are completely excluded.

For 3.01 reach, please enable before and after transactions in the reach config, with 1.8 players on 1.8 servers. By default, before and after transactions are disabled to save bandwidth. 1.9 players are tested to approximately 3.04 reach, with extended combat.
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