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The first Minecraft RPG plugin built for a multiplayer server! Heroes is a dynamic, flexible, and highly customizable class, skill, and experience system. Heroes themselves are the center of an RPG for your players, with classes, layering, and advanced skills. Along with classes, Heroes offers your players a new style of PvP and PvE thanks to our well designed skill system and our weapon + armor restrictions. Your mages will no longer be able to use diamond swords, your rogues will no longer sneak around in their heavy diamond tunics, and most importantly, you can now throw fireballs and stun your targets. The best part of it? How you customize your heroes is up to you, no specific skills needed, that's fine, you can just remove the skill and be done with it!

What to do with this plugin?​

With Heroes, you can do just about anything you want on an RPG server. The main feature is our highly customizable tiered class system that offers as much as possible to the server owner when connected to our resolution skills and abilities. Your heroes may be completely unique to your server, this may be the reason why players play on your server instead of other servers. The same can be said for our skill system, which is unique to any other RPG plugin. Other plugins refer to "Skills" as leveling methods, as opposed to Heroes. Skills are abilities that you can use that are unique to your class. Some of our favorite skills are fireball, jump, and port. This is what makes Heroes unique.

Heroes Premium Plugin Features​

  • Classes
    • Create your own unique classes or use the defaults!
    • Permission nodes to set which classes are available to the user by default
    • Custom class names
    • 'Parent | Optional child relationships (e.g. HEALER -> CLERIC)
    • Custom inventory limits
    • Double class! (primary, secondary or both, multi-class)
  • Attributes
    • Strength - Increases melee weapon damage as well as physical ability damage.
    • Constitution - Increases your maximum health and also provides some resistance to magic damage.
    • Endurance - Increases base stamina regeneration and also increases maximum equipment weight. Wearing multiple pieces of armor at the same time would require a large amount of equipment weight.
    • Agility - Increases the damage of projectile-based weapons as well as your base movement speed. This attribute can also increase the effectiveness of certain abilities.
    • Intelligence - Increases your maximum mana and also increases the damage dealt by magical abilities.
    • Wisdom - Increases base mana regeneration and also increases the effectiveness of healing-based abilities.
    • Charisma - Increases the power of songs and also increases the duration and effectiveness of some incapacitating abilities.
  • Amazing Skills
    • Over 100+ basic skills! Get more with Premium packages!
    • Can be used with / linked to your item or / skill
    • Connect with the magic hotbar system or the MacroMod client!
    • Works with attributes, mana, health and other reagents!
  • Allowed Skills
    • Skills on the base Hero platform
    • All allowed skills start with /skill <skillname>
    • Allows developers to add their own code for new skills
    • Adjustable via skills.yml or overwritten in the class setting
  • Permission Skills
    • Based on the permission node system, the ability to set the level required to learn certain permission nodes in order to have a highly customizable system.
    • Does not use the /skill prefix - access skills are not associated with any commands, they just give players permissions
  • Using Skills
    • Ability to '/attach <skillname>' to an element to right click and use that skill
    • Use '/bind' again to clear the binding and remove the right click option.
    • Currently only works with allowed skills
    • Magic plugin integration via "/mskills"
  • Using the Hot Bar skill
    • An alternative to the binding system
    • Allow players to use the hotbar customized with the Magic plugin
    • Add "skills_use_heroes: true" to your Magic config !
  • Inventory limits
    • Restrictions on armor and weapons depending on the class
    • Customizable in class files
  • Levels
    • /level - to display information about the level - has a beautiful interface showing how much is left before moving to the next level.
    • Set the mastery level - once it is reached, the user can switch to different classes and keep their /level in the mastered class.
    • Customizable experience curves to make lower levels easier and higher levels harder to beat
    • Additional health gain per level
    • Adjustable experience loss (0.10 = 10% per death) by current level
  • Sources of experience
    • SKILL - experience of using the skill
    • CRAFTING - experience for crafting an item
    • MINING - experience for mining blocks
    • KILL - experience for killing mobs
    • LOGGING - lumber jacking experience
    • PVP - experience for PVP
    • QUESTING - used in API for quest plugins
    • EXTERNAL - used in regular APIs
  • Health / damage
    • Set environmental damage
    • Set health/damage of monsters on the server
    • Let heal in bed for players to regenerate health in bed!
    • Set player health (works with heart rate)
    • Set for a wide damage item or override individual classes in their class files!
  • mana
    • /mana - Shows the current amount of mana - 100% cap.
    • Configurable mana regeneration rate for each class
    • time between refreshes is server-wide
  • Endurance
    • /stamina - an alternative to mana
    • regenerates faster than mana
    • can switch the vanilla hunger system!
  • Shielding
    • /shields - alternative system to health
    • recovers slowly over time
    • similar to "magic shields" in the style of Diablo 2

Heroes Premium plugin commands:​

Main teams​

/hero or /heroes - The main plugin command

/hero help - Plugin help

/hero armor

/hero choose <path>

/hero prof <path>

/hero paths
- Only show paths that are set to tier: 1 in their class file

/hero reset - Resets the player to the default class and erases ALL experience/levels gained

/hero tools

/hero spawnparticle

/hero scroll

/hero skills
or /skills

/hero specs

/hero leader board

/hero who [Player Nickname]

/hero verbose

/hero suppress [Skill name]

/hero scroll

/hero level
or /level or /hlevel or /lvl


or /hp

or /cd

- removes a binding for an item in hand

/bind <skill> [args] - Adds a binding for the item in hand to the specified skill, if the skill requires arguments, they can be provided.

Administration Commands​

/hero admin class [Player Nickname] [Class]

/hero admin prof [Player Nickname] [profession]

/hero admin exp [Player Nickname] [Class] [Amount]
- Class can also be 'prim' or 'prof' to give experience to the player's main class or profession.

/hero admin level [Player Nickname] [Class] [Amount] - The class can also be 'prim' or 'prof' to give experience to the player's main class or profession.

/hero admin heal [Player Nickname]

/hero admin hp [Player Nickname] [Amount]

/hero admin reload

/hero admin saveall

/hero debug dump

Skill commands​

/skills or /skilllist
/skill <skill> <args>

Teams for parties​

/party invite [Player Nickname]
/party accept [Player Nickname]
/party leave
/p [message]
/mode +[option]
/mode -[option]
/party who

More about Experience

Show / Hide text

Experience is how Heroes gain levels. There are currently eleven different sources of experience gain:

skill experience is set per mastery in skill configuration, and it's not usually enabled, but can be enabled if you want certain skills to be rewarded or cost the player experience. Rewards in PvP are set in the Kills section, as shown in the default configuration below.
The enchantment is required for the player to enchant items, as it will be used to subtract experience costs from heroes.
Questing & External requires additional addons to work, they are not used inside the Heroes plugin.
The Experience.yml file defines which experience types award experience and how much they award. Killing occurs by the names of entities, and other options - by the names of blocks and objects.

Rights of the Heroes Premium plugin:​

Heroes Premium plugin supports zPermissions, bPermissions, LuckPerms or zPerms

heroes.classes.* - Select all classes marked 'wildcard-permission: true'
heroes.classes.Class-Name — Select the specified class
heroes.reset - Allows the user to RESET and return to the default class
heroes.admin.exp - Allows you to set experience
heroes.admin.class - Allows you to change or set the player's class
heroes.admin.level - Allows you to set the level
heroes.admin.heal - Heal a hero completely - Change the player's health
heroes.admin.reload - Allows you to reload the plugin configuration
heroes.admin.saveall - Allows you to save all the heroes that are online
heroes.boost - Allows players to use the /boost command
heroes.bind - allows players to bind skills to items

Screenshots of the Heroes Premium plugin:​










Heroes Premium Plugin Variables​

prefix = %heroes_PLACEHOLDERNAME%

How to install the Heroes Premium plugin?​

The plugin requires Vault and EffectLib to work.

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Unpack the downloaded archive into the plugins folder of your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Ready.
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