Free Adapt - Leveling, Skills, and Abilities 1.13.1-1.20.1

    Hunter Hunter, Adrenaline: Taking damage for most people might be a problem, but for you its the best thing to happen! Bonus Damage! Hunter. Regeneration: When you get struck, you gain a stack of regeneration, at the cost of a MASSIVE hunger debuff Nether Nether, Skull Yeet: This skill lets...

    Free RPG Class Series | Ninja Samurai new

    The Ninja Samurai class is a subclass of the Assassin class that focuses on agility. The Ninja Samurai class is a melee physical damager that uses rapid slashes and thrusts while moving extremely fast. Mark your enemies using Piercing Shuriken and slice them up with your Death Charge! This pack...
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