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  • Hunter
    Hunter, Adrenaline:
    Taking damage for most people might
    be a problem, but for you its the best
    thing to happen! Bonus Damage!
    Hunter. Regeneration: When you get struck, you gain a stack
    of regeneration, at the cost of a
    MASSIVE hunger debuff

  • Nether
    Nether, Skull Yeet:
    This skill lets you throw a Wither skull
    just like a Wither! This does damage to
    the terrain, and entities.

    Nether, Wither-Resist: When you wear Netherite Armor, you
    gain a resistance to wither damage
    up to complete negation.

  • The Rift
    Rift, Access:
    This allows for you to create an item
    called “Reliquary portkey” that allows
    you to open ANY container, anywhere

    Rift, Blink: Short-ranged, Instantaneous instant
    teleportation! Blink Through walls,
    or to building tops!

    Rift, Enderchest: Open an enderchest by holding it in
    your hand and clicking! No need to
    place this chest down.

    Rift, Gate: This is your own personal recall object.
    Allows you to return to any point after
    a short delay.

    Rift, Resist: Using any Ender ability, or Rift skill
    gives you a stack of resistance that
    can stack up to 100% resistance.

  • Unarmed
    Unarmed, Glass-Cannon:
    Just like hunter Adrenaline, this buffs
    your damage. based on the lack of
    armor that you have on. 0 is max.

    Unarmed, Power: This is a flat bonus to Unarmed
    damage, and it stacks with all other
    damage ramping effects.

    Unarmed, Sucker punch: The faster you are moving (sprinting)
    the more damage you do in a single

  • Seaborne
    Seaborne, Oxygen:
    While underwater you are able to
    not consume the air in your lungs
    and you can stay underwater longer.

  • Stealth
    Stealth, Ghost Armor:
    This passively creates armor that
    only lasts for 1-hit then vanishes and
    regenerates over time again

    Stealth, Sight: Gain Night vision when you have
    activated Sneak. lasts until you

    Stealth, Snatch: When you crouch, you suck all nearby
    items into your inventory as soon as
    you crouch (close-range)

    Stealth, Speed: Gain a speed boost when you sneak.
    (Turn off your Screen FOV warp or you
    will regret using this)

  • Ranged
    Ranged, Arrow Recovery:
    When you land ranged shots, with
    this skill you can regenerate the
    spent arrows that you shot

    Ranged, Force: This is a flat damage bonus to all of
    your ranged skills, be that a crossbow
    or bow, or skill here

    Ranged, Lunge-Shot: When you shoot an arrow, Reverse
    your velocity. IE: 360 no-scope,
    and Hanzo-jump away

    Ranged, Piercing: This allows for you to shoot an arrow
    that when it hits a Target, it goes right
    through and keeps going.

  • Taming
    Taming, Damage:
    This skill increases the raw damage
    that all of your tames can do. This only
    works on animals that do damage

    Taming, Health Boost:
    This skill increases the raw health of
    all of your tames. making them far more
    resilient to anything

    Taming, Health Regen:
    Tamed animals will have a passive
    regeneration buff applied to them
    at the moment they become adult

  • Pickaxe
    Pickaxe, Chisel:
    Instead of mining, you can right click
    and get small bits of ore to drop, but
    increase the total durability impact.

    Pickaxe, Veinminer: This allows you to Sneak-mine and mine
    all nearby blocks in one go. this does
    not bring all blocks to you.

  • Swords
    Sword, Machete:
    This allows for you to chop through
    tough foliage, grass, and leaves in
    a single swipe!

  • Agility
    Agility, Wind up:
    As you run, you will slowly
    but steadily increase in
    speed as you sprint away.

    Agility, Wall-Jump: This skill gives the user the
    capability to jump, and latch
    onto a wall, and jump again.

    Agility, Super-jump: This allows the user to crouch
    and do a hefty leap into the
    air higher than 2+ blocks

  • Architect
    Architect, Foundation:
    When you crouch, and have no blocks
    under you, this creates a magic
    platform for you to stand on.

    Architect, Glass: This is a simple ability that gives the
    user’s empty hand the capability to
    mine glass with silk touch.

    Architect, Placement: If you are holding a block type and
    sneaky and look at a block, this is a
    type of builders wand for you.

  • Enchanting
    Enchanting, Lapis Return:
    This is a utility for all Enchanters from
    Novice to Master this is a critical tool
    To give Lapis back when its spent

    Enchanting, XP Return: Every enchantment gives you back
    some experience when you craft it
    making enchantments cheaper

    Enchanting, Quick Enchant: Enchanted books can now be auto-
    bound to items just bu clicking the
    book over the item in your inventory

  • Herbalism:
    Herbalism, Growth-Aura:
    Passively Grow plants around you,
    Spends hunger to do so. but rapidly
    grows plants

    Herbalism, Hunger-Shield: Spends Hunger to prevent the damage that is done to you. Leveling scales
    hunger consumption

    Herbalism, Replant: You can use a hoe and harvest, then
    replant the plants in the area. this is
    a useful tool for herbalists.

  • Crafting
    Crafting, Deconstruction:
    Using a Smiting Table, ans shears,
    you can deconstruct ant item that was
    crafted into its base components

    Crafting, Experience: Gain Experience when crafting, This is
    scaled to always be the same amount
    per level, but its configurable

  • Discovery
    Discovery, Armorer:
    As you are walking in the world you
    gain a passive armor boost. This
    changes based on blocks around

    Discovery, Unity: Gain more experience when you get
    experience, and each level increases
    the amount of xp you gain by a percent

  • Axes
    Axe, Chop:
    Axe Chop is a type of lumber axe that
    you can use to cut down clusters of
    Axe, Ground-Smash: Slam into the ground dealing a small
    cluster of damage in an area around

  • Brewing
    Brewing, Lingering:
    Potions you craft with this skill (scales)
    have increased duration, up to 2x at
    max level

    Brewing, Super-Heated: This allows for Brewing stands that you
    placed to have an increased speed!
    Allies also gain this bonus
Adapt is a drag and drop solution for balanced passive abilities and skills that players can enjoy on a server.

Plugin Accessing
Adapt Abilities are all accessible in the in-game GUI (Right-clicking any Bookshelf Face(This bookshelf block is configurable)) providing a more user-friendly experience to a "skills" system. Most servers want to increase the quality of the "vanilla" experience. That's where Adapt comes in. Lightweight on the server, and providing mere quality of life enhancements to a user's experience, While also adding skills that don't break the flow of the game.
We Recently Added MYSQL Support! Keep in mind this feature is in BETA and its stability is not perfect. Please report any bugs you may have with MYSQL, and we don't encourage that you use it on non-development servers until we get feedback about bugs and so on. Any issues will be resolved quickly!

SO recently we added custom brewing as something you can do, both in the API, and ingame. Please keep in mind that this feature is new! New Brews: Haste, Health Boost, Darkness, and more! (Splash, Lingering, and Normal Variants for 10+ potion-types)

We Recently Added PAPI Support, And All the Keys / How to use is here: Let us know if you find any issues with the values / if they seem broken and we will fix it asap!

Custom Advancements

Videos, and Skill Showcase:

Spoiler: Videos / Showcase Here
Preface: This will have Videos Over the course of the Next Few Days, showing off Adapt! And keep in mind that they are not ALL shown here, as you still need to discover things yourself! but here you will find some highlights, and quick examples for the complex and use cases you might want to know.
Spoiler: Ui Interactions

Spoiler: Agility Tree

Spoiler: Architect Tree

Spoiler: Discovery Tree

Spoiler: Excavation Tree

Spoiler: Herbalism Tree

Spoiler: Hunter Tree

Spoiler: Pickaxes Tree

Spoiler: Rift Tree


- This is NOT a "Make your own Skill" plugin, Skills can be configured but not made, same for advancements and anything else I add. (If you want a skill added, we would love to add to Adapt, feel free to reach out on the discord!)
- The GUI for Adapt is not configurable (Yet, if enough people want it, we can make this a feature)
- Wiki:
- If you want any content added, Make an issue here and explain what you want to see in Adapt:

- [Adapt / Iris] : [1.19.2] : [TESTING SERVER]
- [Adapt / Iris] : [1.19.2] : [ACTUAL SERVER]
- Maybe your sever? Let us Know on Discord!

Known Incompatibilities
Spoiler: Known Incompatibilities
Citizens and geyser work, you just might see an error in console, if you do please report it and I can fix it!
  • geyser - They modify events, and make fake Spoofed players that aren't actually players, Fixed*.
  • Citizens - They modify events, and make fake Spoofed players that aren't actually players, Fixed*.

Language and Localization

Do you know a language other than english? do you want to be a big part in Adapt's localization into different languages? Join the discord and let us know, or Click Here, and you can help is remotely with language localizations! if you don't see a language you can easily add it, or let us know here in discussions! We take this on an Honor System, so please only if you are confident in the language submit a translation key, they will be verified.

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