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GOLD CustomCrops Addon For ItemsAdder

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  • Fertilizer system
  • Greenhouse System
  • Sprinklers and huds for water bar
  • Multi-loot system, giant plants, actions, conditions and quality for the Crops
  • Support for RealisticSeasons and its seasons
  • Support ItemsAdder, Oraxen item libraries as drops
  • Highly optimized to detect no more than necessary for crop growth and loading
  • and more
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About Resource Pack

This plugin works based on a resource pack, premade resource pack is available in Discord if you have verified your purchase (use /verify to activate the verification bot). You can make your own extensions if you want.

NOTE: This plugin requires ItemsAdder 3.2.5+ or Oraxen 1.143.3+ to work!


(Premade Assets) includes 13 crops

(Garlic, Hops, Eggplant, Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Pepper, Tomato, Apple Tree, Dragon Fruit, Grape, Corn, Red Packet Tree, Pineapple)

Game Mechanics​

Crops will start growing at about 7am (Game Time).
Crops in watered pot would definitely grow a stage every day while those in dry pot have less chance.

Crops have two modes to choose: Tripwire & ItemFrame

Season & Greenhouse​

Season is an important part of the farming system. Crops only grow in a suitable season and inproper seasons will make crops into a dead stage. You can use greenhouse glass to allow them growing all year.



There are five templates of fertiziliers:
SpeedGrow: Crops have a small chance to grow two stages at a time
RetainingSoil: Pot have a small chance to retain its water after crops grow
QualityCrops: When haveresting, players have a higher chance to get high quality crops.
YieldIncreasing: When haveresting, players have a higher chance to get more crops.
Gigantic: Crops have a higher chance to be gigantic.



If configurated, crops have a very little chance to be OverWeight(gigantic) after they are ripe.


Crops have three qualities, if you don't want this feature just delete it in config. Quality is determined by the fertizilier players use and their luck!

Harvest Repeatedly​

If configurated, crops can be harvested repeatedly and return to a specified stage.
This is useful for crops like grape.


Sprinkler & WateringCan​

Sprinkler is a semi-automatic way of watering pot. You can add water to sprinkler with water bucket or watering can. Max storage and range can be customized.
Watering can also has its max storage and range. 1x1 1x3 3x3 and even 9x99 is supported!


Crow and Scarecrow​

Crops have a little chance to be attacked by a crow.
A scarecrow would help the crops free of attacks in one chunk.


Highly Optimizied​

Crops growing progress is distributed evenly to the whole day so there would not be large amount of blocks replacement at the same time.
Crops' data would be removed from file as soon as they are ripe, which would not affect your server performance in the long term.
Packets based system for crows & hologram & item's lore (Client Side)

Plugin Command​

  • /customcrops setseason <World> <Season> - Set the season of a world
  • /customcrops reload
  • /customcrops simulate <World> <sprinkler working time> <Pot drying time> <Crop growth time> (in ticks) -
    This command is for you to test growing mechanic, or you don't like the auto growing mechanic and want to precisely take control of the growing progress
  • /customcrops grow <World> <Crop growth time> (in ticks)

Permission Node​

  • customcrops.admin - Administrator privileges


  • %cseason_current% - shows the current world's season
  • %cseason_current_<world>% - shows a specified world's season
  • %cseason_days_left% - shows the number of days between the current world season and the next season
  • %cseason_days_left_<world>%
  • %cseason_days_gone% - shows the number of days that have passed in the current world season
  • %cseason_days_gone_<world>%

About Payment​


If you are a Chinese user and can't use PayPal or Stripe, WeChat and AliPay is supported here: Link

Wiki​ 《CustomCrops Wiki》

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Terms Of Service

  1. You agree not to redistribute this product or claim it as your own.
  2. No refunds on purchases
  3. Modification of this product is permitted after purchase.
  4. Never Re-sell this or share the product to other people.
  5. Don't impersonate as me, and selling this product to other
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