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[LittleRoom] Lillith the Demon

Free [LittleRoom] Lillith the Demon Last

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Description of the model Lillith the Demon:​

Lillith has a huge moveset, she can summon her glaive demon from the underworld, throw her crossblade, and even summon a powerful meteor!

This is definitely my most feature rich boss to date, become a patron today and find out how we can help your server!

Lillith has a huge moveset!​

  • - Temporarily summons a Glaive Demon from the Underworld!
    - A swing of a cruciform blade that circles around her target!
  • - Enchant players so they don't deal damage.
  • - Casts a powerful meteor that transforms into an Abyssal-Golem that Lillith rides.
  • - Tons of melee combos!


Video overview models of Lillith the Demon:​

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