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    GOLD [LittleRoom] NEW MINECRAFT BOSS! [Magnus] 1.2

    Model description NEW MINECRAFT BOSS! [Magnus]: Magnus joins the fight! The expected winner of September's monthly mafia vote is finally here, and he's out for blood! Magnus has 6 different attacks in his arsenal, each more deadly than the last. Spin - Magnus swings his mighty sword in a...

    Free [Little Room] Wet mob RELEASE

    Description of the Wet mob model: Have you ever wanted your mobs to drip water like wolves and dogs do when they come out of the water? With this setup, it's not only possible but easy and works for any mob, just plug in the provided skills to the mobs yml file! make sure you back up...

    GOLD [Little Room] Training Dummy RELEASE

    Description of the Training Dummy model: Training mannequin! Everyone's favorite punching bag! Armed with a wooden sword, used helmet and shield, the training dummy will show you how badly you've hurt him by displaying the damage you've dealt on the player's action bar! The training dummy is...

    Free [Little Room] Tip Jar! RELEASE

    Description models Tip Jar!: Now your players can place a tip jar in their home, shop, or anywhere else! When the tip jar is placed, it requires the owner to right-click on it, once ownership is established, anyone can add $5 to the tip jar via Vault! The owner can break the jar by hitting it...

    GOLD [Little Room] Robot Lumberjack RELEASE

    Robot Lumberjack models description: Rejoice! The winner of the February vote for the monthly mob has been released! The lumberjack robot is a boss-style mob that can certainly challenge your players' fighting skills. He is armed with a massive ax that cuts and slices through his enemies with...

    GOLD [Little Room] Parcel Drone RELEASE

    Description of Parcel Drone models: Check out the Parcel Drone - it's a randomly appearing drone that flies around carrying important packages! Damage the drone to make it randomly drop items! Video overview of Parcel Drone models:

    GOLD [Little Room] Kindletron Senior RELEASE

    Description models Kindletron Senior: Kindletron Sr. retired to teach newcomers a lesson in respect! This free mob is designed to be simple and bring even the newest Java Minecraft server operator or plugin enthusiast closer to having custom mobs on their server when it was never thought...

    Free [Little Room] Functional Furniture RELEASE

    Description of the Functional Furniture model: Was fiddling around with the new modelengine 2.0 and decided why not build a chair! You can spin the chair by hitting it, but don't hit it too hard or it will fall out like an item!

    Free [Little Room] Coin Toss RELEASE

    Description of the Coin Toss model: Settle the score with a probability of fifty to fifty heads or tails! (creeper or pickaxe actually). Monthly mob voting deadlocks will be determined by this method.

    Free [Little Room] Animal Droppings RELEASE

    Description of Animal Droppings model: It was more or less a joke to see if I could do it, but I think it's a fun addition to the Minecraft world. (It also gives peaceful players another alternative to help grow crops!) Animals have a chance to produce "litter", which will attract flies over time.

    Free [LittleRoom] Trampoline! RELEASE

    Model description [LittleRoom] Trampoline!: Decorate the lobby or spawn of your minecraft server or the lounge in the mansion with this fun addition - TRUMPOLINE!

    Free [LittleRoom] Hat Duck RELEASE UPDATE

    Hat Duck Model Description: UPDATE: originally the duck danced randomly, but the player can now activate the dance by right-clicking! Also now the duck drops the hat. Hey you, this is a new duck for you! This duck loves to spend the night in the club and dance to his favorite songs! BONUS ITEM...

    Free [LittleRoom] Lillith the Demon Last

    Description of the model Lillith the Demon: Lillith has a huge moveset, she can summon her glaive demon from the underworld, throw her crossblade, and even summon a powerful meteor! This is definitely my most feature rich boss to date, become a patron today and find out how we can help your...

    Free [LittleRoom] Auto Turrets! 2.1

    Description of [LittleRoom] Auto Turrets!: Guard your base or home with these automatic turrets that will target any hostile monsters trying to invade your safe space! Video review of [LittleRoom] Auto Turrets!:
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