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Model description NEW MINECRAFT BOSS! [Magnus]:​

Magnus joins the fight!

The expected winner of September's monthly mafia vote is finally here, and he's out for blood!

Magnus has 6 different attacks in his arsenal, each more deadly than the last.

Spin - Magnus swings his mighty sword in a circle, make sure you don't get in his way.

Strike - Magnus leaps into the air and brings his sword down on the target.

Kick - he kicks you, only at close range and knocks you unconscious.

Tombstone - Magnus raises and brings down his shield on your head and renders you unconscious as well.

Sweep - Magnus swings his sword 180 degrees so that everyone near him can taste his blade.

Magnus also has two different stances: aggressive and defensive. If he takes too much damage, he will raise his shield and take no damage for a short period of time, but he can still hit with the shield, so be careful!

Just light his sacred fire and wait for him to come, but be prepared.

Video review of the NEW MINECRAFT BOSS model! [Magnus]​

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