[LittleRoom] Gigas the Giant Enemy Crab!

Free [LittleRoom] Gigas the Giant Enemy Crab! 2022-09-06

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Description of the Giant Enemy Crab model:​

Gigas, the Giant Enemy Crab, has made its way into your world! He will grab, cut, slam and throw to win, but be careful of her children, because when the battle is not in her favor, she will give birth to a whole swarm of tiny crabs to protect her mother.

Crab slam:​

Gigas swings its mighty claw upward and slams the ground repeatedly, dealing damage and knocking down nearby enemies!

Crab Strike:​

With his small but sharp claw, Gigas deals massive damage with scissors!

Crab grip:​

If you're stupid enough to get close enough, Gigas will grab you and throw you across the battlefield!

And finally, the last move of Gigas - she will dance while her newly hatched offspring swarm around, attacking enemy fighters!

When she falls, she will drop her legendary claw and pieces of crabmeat, which players can eat to restore health after a dangerous battle.

Video review of the Giant Enemy Crab model:​

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