Free [LittleRoom] Dire-Wolf Monthly Mob v2 UPDATE

    Video review of the Dire-Wolf Monthly Mob

    Free [LittleRoom] Coffee Time! RELEASE

    Description of the Coffee Time model: Featured! Turnable! Held! Decorate your living space with an animated steamed coffee cup! Screenshot of the Coffee Time model:

    Free [LittleRoom] Bring on the ducks! RELEASE

    Model description Bring on the ducks!: This little duckling will quack in such a way that it will capture your heart. It comes with custom sounds and a random idle animation as it drops to the ground and fumbles over its feathers


    Model description [LittleRoom] INTRODUCING, RAFT!: Here is a small raft that you or your players can use to explore the sea or simply ride down the river.

    Free [LittleRoom] Edible Milk and Cookies! RELEASE

    Model description [LittleRoom] Edible Milk and Cookies!: Just right click on these delicious morsels to eat!

    Free [LittleRoom] Gigas the Giant Enemy Crab! 2022-09-06

    Description of the Giant Enemy Crab model: Gigas, the Giant Enemy Crab, has made its way into your world! He will grab, cut, slam and throw to win, but be careful of her children, because when the battle is not in her favor, she will give birth to a whole swarm of tiny crabs to protect her...

    Free [LittleRoom] GLUME THE MUSHROOM GOD 1.2

    Model description [LittleRoom] GLUME THE MUSHROOM GOD: Mushroom god Glum! A passive mob that roams the wastelands unless provoked. Wonderfully Balanced Boss Fight: Insanely high health, but with ranged attacks, he can smash a cluster of mushrooms on his back for 10% damage! Moves slowly, but...

    GOLD [LittleRoom] PHEONIX fin

    [LittleRoom] PHEONIX model description: For this fight, PHOENIX, better stock up on shorts! This month we have the Phoenix, this feathered beast can breathe fire on its enemies and even has a stomp and claw attack for closer range. Also included is an egg that players will have to hatch and...

    Free [LittleRoom] Night Vision Goggles! RELEASE

    Description of [LittleRoom] Night Vision Goggles!: Take a full tactical course or just play dress-up with this new modern headgear!

    Free [LittleRoom] PC and VR accessories Pack RELEASE

    Description of [LittleRoom] PC and VR accessories Pack: Full featured LittleRoom Build-a-PC™ is now available! Features of this RBG gaming PC include: Option to turn on/off if you ever get bored with RGB (unlikely). Full compatibility with any plug-in to launch when you right-click on the PC...

    Free [LittleRoom] Headcrabs RELEASE

    Model Description [LittleRoom] Headcrabs: SEND HEADCRABS! Ugly little aliens from Xen have invaded your world, luckily this set includes a crowbar to fend them off! resonator stage not included. Video review of the model [LittleRoom] Headcrabs:

    Free [LittleRoom] Fire Bats! RELEASE

    Description of [LittleRoom] Fire Bats! model: Watch out for bats, they are covered in fire! This littleroom library addon is perfect for any RPG server and is a great source of xp! Video review of the [LittleRoom] Fire Bats! model:

    Free [LittleRoom] Fire Axolotl RELEASE

    Model description [LittleRoom] Fire Axolotl: What happens if you drop a bucket of axolotl into the void? You get big fire salamanders, that's what! The fire axolotl has 2 variations with their own elemental skills, they can even walk and swim! Video review of the [LittleRoom] Fire Axolotl model:

    Free [LittleRoom] New Zombies! RELEASE

    Model description [LittleRoom] New Zombies!: I've redone vanilla zombies with fresh animations and a few options to keep things interesting! Enjoy! PS There is also an experimental zombie climber if you want to see how it works for you! Video review of the model [LittleRoom] New Zombies!:

    Free [LittleRoom] Loot Chest Last

    Description of Loot Chest model: He decided to make a classic dungeon-style loot chest for everyone to enjoy! That's right, absolutely free!

    Free [LittleRoom] Baby Iron Golem RELEASE

    Description of [LittleRoom] Baby Iron Golem: God, he's cute! Who needs a copper golem anyway? Baby iron golems are born naturally alongside regular iron golems and always follow their parent and try to help protect their villages. But be careful, you don't want to accidentally hit one of them...

    Free [LittleRoom] GO KARTS! RELEASE

    Description of [LittleRoom] GO KARTS! model: The wait is finally over, GO KARTS! Includes two bonuses, repair and strengthening! Keep in mind that you may need a server with more powerful hardware for best results. [LittleRoom] GO KARTS! models screenshots: Video review of the model...

    Free [LittleRoom] CANADIAN GEESE! 1.0

    Model description [LittleRoom] CANADIAN GEESE!: Why did the heavens curse this earth with such aggressive beasts? Check out these geese man, it's pretty cool and funny to see people being attacked by them, in game and in real life! Video review of the model [LittleRoom] CANADIAN GEESE!:

    Free [LittleRoom] ALARM CLOCK 1.0

    Model Description [LittleRoom] ALARM CLOCK: It's time to wake up in style! With the new Littleroom Alarm Clock, every time you wake up in your cozy bed, you will be greeted by this little device rattling its head! Actually, wait, why did I do that? Video review of the model [LittleRoom] ALARM...

    Free [LittleRoom] ANUBIS PETS! Last

    Description of the ANUBIS PETS model: Catch them while they're cute! Anubis now has MCPet compatible companions! Enjoy! (Original post about Anubis has been updated) Video review of the ANUBIS PETS model:
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