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  • ✅Avoid NettyCrashers, prevents netty threads to be blocked by exploits without using any ViaVersion fork;
  • ✅AntiCheat-Fix blocks a few packets which cause anti-cheats to make the server use a lot of CPU;
  • ✅Dependency Free, doesn't require any dependency;
  • ✅ Advanced Packet Injection, packets are analyzed and blocked before the server could decode them in a different way compared to any other anti-exploit;
  • ✅ Highly configurable, easy, and detailed configuration anticheat-style;
  • ✅ GUI for recent alerts;
  • ✅ Packet logger with maximum files creation to avoid huge memory usage (toggleable);
  • ✅ 1.8, 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.15.2, 1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, 1.19.1+ Compatibility on paper and related forks;
  • ✅ Frequent updates when a new exploit is detected;
  • ✅ Printer/Schematica compatibility with API or semi-automatic system;

  1. UNIQUE FIX FOR NETTY CRASHERS, few rare clients, like GasClient, have NettyCrasher exploits, one type of exploit that doesn't affect the server's TPS but Netty's threads. A NettyCrasher makes Netty's threads busy when a packet gets decoded, so the server crashes and doesn't listen for any packet anymore. LPX is the only anti-exploit having this check without the use of any strange ViaVersion fork or Spigot fork.
  2. Custom Injection and no dependency required, LPX uses a unique way to inject compared to other anti-exploits, this guarantes high performance without the use of Reflections to read packets.
  3. Smooth Packet Limiter, Usually, anti-exploits don't encourage the use of packet limiters because it could cause issues with players having bad connections. LPX has an accurate way to count spam packets and has a fully working VL system to prevent false flags when players lag. If any false is detected, the config can be easily edited to fix false flags.
  4. Printer/Schematica Compatibility, usually packet limiters plugins causes incompatibility issues with this mods, LPX has a very useful automatic system that detects when a player started using printer mode and that guarantees no false kicks. There is also the option to use the API.
  5. Advanced Packet Logger, if your server is attacked with a packet exploit you can log every packet sent from any player to understand what type of exploit did he use and we can fix it in a few days. Packet Logger can be disabled, configured, and doesn't take too much memory because of automatic old file removal.
  6. Easy and detailed configuration, you can edit almost everything while you detect false-flags, you can choose to enable/disable kicks for every check, enable/disable specific checks and change EVERY VALUE used in the code.
Spoiler: config.yml


Support/License Request:
  • /lpx alerts - lpx.alerts - Receive alerts
  • lpx.alerts.printer - Receive printer alerts
  • /lpx reload - lpx.reload - Reload the configuration
  • /lpx gui- lpx.gui - Open the GUI
  • /lpx clear - lpx.clear - Clear old packet logs
  • /lpx kick <player> <message> - lpx.kick - Force close player connection
  • ProtocolLib <= 4.4.0 (released 4 years ago)
  • Rarely exception on spigot 1.8.8 when clicking skulls (Paper 1.8.8 fixed it)

LPX aims to protect your server at a packet level, it won't touch anything related to vanilla mechanics so it doesn't protect from redstone lag machines or illegal creative items. It won't also protects you from DDoS, Bot and Proxy level exploits since it runs only on spigot instances!​

  • The license will be valid ONLY for 1 network but you can ask to make the license work with more than 1 IP if you own different machines.
  • The license request may take up to 24 hours, don't buy the protection meanwhile you are getting attacked, Prevention is better than cure
  • LPX does not have to solve problems generated by other plugins such as TPS drop, regardless of this our support service guarantees you to find which plugin is causing the problem


By purchasing this plugin, you agree to the following:
  • You have read the plugin page in its entirety.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin in any way shape or form.
  • You are not allowed to decompile or attempt to reverse engineer the plugin in any way shape or form.
  • We are not responsible for any issues caused by external plugins.
  • We can terminate your license at any point for any reason we deem fit.
  • Refunds will vary on a case-by-case basis; buyers may be only eligible for a partial refund depending on the situation. You are not eligible for a refund if 7 days have passed since you purchased the plugin. Refunds will not be given for any reason/disclaimer that is clearly listed on the plugin page. Refunds will not be given for any reason that has nothing to do with this resource (i.e. shutting down your server).
  • If you are to be given a refund, you agree to delete your review/not review the product
  • Transferring ownership of the plugin from one account to another is not allowed.
  • You are responsible for your copy of LPX. If your copy of LPX is found to be redistributed, you will still be held responsible.
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