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BedWars1058 Private Games Addon

GOLD BedWars1058 Private Games Addon 1.1.8 Hotfix

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Addon for the BedWars1058 plugin, which allows players with specific permission to create BedWars private games and play with their friends or party members.

This addon works with parties, It allows party owners to change the game modifiers (you can find them all here) for their private game. It does automatically locks the game and prevent non-party members to join that arena, whenever the party with Private Game mode joins an empty arena, It works without any server performance loss. This is an amazing feature for your network's players and profit, it's based on Hypixel Bed Wars Private Games System!

This addon doesn't support the servers that use BUNGEE_LEGACY server type!
Please make sure to follow these steps after buying the addon


• 100% editable messages.
• 100% editable inventory menus.
MySQL, SQLite databases support.
• Per-player language support.
• Muliarena, Shared, Bungee server type support.
• Multi bedwars proxy servers support.
• Supports server versions 1.8x - 1.19.
• 24/7 Support on my Discord server.
• 11 Unique in-game modifiers.
• Powerful Developer API.
• Statistics don't count when the game is private.
• Enable or disable any in-game modifiers that you want.
• A scoreboard placeholder that shows if the game is private [P].
• Admin command to enable private game mode for a specific game.
• Game Settings item to modify the game's settings for the hoster.
• Automatically locks the private game for non-party members.


One Hit, One Kill - Select which items should instantly kill enemies.
Health Buff - Buff All Players Health.
Low Gravity - Experience low gravity... also known as jump boost.
Speed - Gotta go fast!
Respawn Time - Modify player respawn time.
Event Times - Modify the time for events.
No Emeralds - Get rid of em hasty emeralds.
No Diamonds - To hell with those shiny things.
Disable Block Protection - Allow players to break any blocks.
Bed Instabreak - Beds break with a single punch.
Max Team Upgrades - All teams will start with maxed-out team upgrades.








Shows if the game is private or not with a scoreboard placeholder.



By @Xx_yuri2005_xX

If you have or interested in making gameplay or setup video please contact me.


• mc.crackpixel.net
• mc.zeusfield.com
• play.twinklemc.xyz

If you want your server IP to be added here do not hesitate to contact me.


Getting Started
• Multiarena/Shared Installation
• Bungee Installation
• Commands & Permissions

Additional Links
• Documentation
• Developer API
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Terms of Service
• Report an issue
• Suggest a feature

Before asking for support please make sure that you have read the documentation and FAQ. When asking for support please make sure to provide as much information as possible, also note that the buyers get almost 24/7 support on my Discord server.

Other Addons Made By Me
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bStats Statistics

If you are enjoyed, make sure to take a minute to write a ✰✰✰✰✰ review!
Please don't request support through reviews!

Developer API
Terms of Service

Supported MC Versions
1.8.8, 1.12.2, 1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, 1.19
Supported Server Software
Spigot and Paper
Soft Depends
English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Persian
Basic Commands
Activates private game mode
Aliases: /private, /pg
`})" style="box-sizing: border-box; color: rgb(242, 45, 35); text-decoration: none; transition: all 0.17s ease 0s; cursor: pointer;">/party private
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