bedwars1058 addon

  1. Julia Dev

    GOLD BedWars1058 Private Games Addon 1.1.8 Hotfix

    Addon for the BedWars1058 plugin, which allows players with specific permission to create BedWars private games and play with their friends or party members. This addon works with parties, It allows party owners to change the game modifiers (you can find them all here) for their private game...
  2. Julia Dev

    GOLD Quests | BedWars1058 add-on 2.1.0

    BedWars1058 Quests add-on BedWars1058 Quests is a system of quests and challenges for players to complete while playing Bed Wars. Enhance your players' experience and give them a reason to keep playing This is not a standalone plugin, you need to install BedWars1058 or BedWarsProxy to...
  3. Julia Dev

    GOLD BedWars1058-HotbarManager 1.4.3

    This is a feature packed Hotbar Manager addon for the BedWars1058 Mini-game. FEATURE PACKED ! GREAT CUSTOMIZABILITY OPTIONS ! FULLY CONFIGURABLE MESSAGES! AND UNIQUE FEATURES! 》FEATURES《 『100% Customizable messages, items 』 『Hotbar Reset To Default Option』 『Support For Compass Addon』...

    GOLD BedWars1058 Cosmetics Addon 1.0.0

    General Description BedWars1058 Cosmetics is an add-on for the BedWars1058 mini-game which adds some visual effects selected by players for in-game events such as bed destroying, final killing, winning, bow shooting, and many more. Cosmetics are visual effects applied to the player in BedWars...
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