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General Description

BedWars1058 Cosmetics is an add-on for the BedWars1058 mini-game which adds some visual effects selected by players for in-game events such as bed destroying, final killing, winning, bow shooting, and many more.

Cosmetics are visual effects applied to the player in BedWars that don't carry an in-game advantage. They can be obtained cosmetics with either coins or permissions.

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Why you should buy?

Have you ever noticed your players bored in a Bed Wars game? Well, be sure that you found the solution to this problem, BedWars1058 Cosmetics is the exact feature that will make your players' Bed Wars games even more interesting with its visual effects, sounds, pictures, kill messages, and many many more collectibles that you can find below.

This is a lightweight, but functional addon, it has a lot of features and is based on Hypixel's Bed Wars Cosmetics system. There are 10 cosmetic categories, up to 300+ in-built cosmetics, and you can create new ones, as much as you want. This is a kind of addon that your server should have for the best quality of Bed Wars game.

Make sure to test this addon on Mher Development's official testing server, before buying it.
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Current Features

Fully editable messages, inventory menus.
Per-player language support, players will receive messages, inventory menus, etc in their selected language.
Packet-based to keep server performance on a high level.
MySQL and SQLite databases support, integrated with BedWars1058 and BedWarsProxy database system nothing needed.
Compatible with over 11 server software versions (1.8.8 - 1.18.2).
Create your cosmetics and cosmetic rarities. You'll be able to create as many cosmetics as you want.
Enable or disable any category or cosmetic you want. You'll be able to use the addon the way you want.
10 Unique cosmetic categories with 300+ in-built cosmetics available.
Cosmetics sorter for each category menu which will sort the cosmetics menu with the players' desired way.
Set the default cosmetic for each category that the players will have when they join for the first time.
Change each cosmetic icon, display name, description, price, and rarity the way you want.
Supports for BedWars1058 SHARED, MULTIARENA, BUNGEE, and BUNGEE_LEGACY server types.
Powerful Developer API which with you can create even new categories and cosmetics.
Cosmetics Sorter Preview
Upcoming Features

Implementation of Island Topper category.
You can also suggest new features here.


At the moment BedWars1058 Cosmetics has over 10 categories with 300+ various cosmetics included. Category Island Topper should be available more lately.

Cosmetic Categories

Below shown the categories that BedWars1058 Cosmetics addon currently has, there are over 10 cosmetic categories at the moment. The Island topper category should be available more lately (you will get it after some updates).


▶ Projectile Trail

Projectile Trail is a category that adds a visual effect that is applied by the player to the projectiles such as a fireball or an arrow that the player shoots in-game.

There are currently over 34 projectile trail effects available. You'll be able to add more with the Developer API only.


Category Projectile Trail Cosmetic Examples
▶ Victory Dance

Victory Dance is a category that plays victory dance for a player whenever they win the game.

There are over 12 victory dances available currently. You'll be able to add more with the Developer API only.


▶ Final Kill Effects

Final Kill Effect is a category that shows off a virtual effect that was selected by them, whenever a player final kills someone.

There are over 23 final kill effects available currently. You'll be able to add more with the Developer API only.


▶ Spray

Sprays are pictures that are being shown whenever a player clicks on the spray slots that are located on every spawn island and some center islands.

There are over 41 sprays available currently. You'll be able to add more either manually or by using the Developer API.

• Creating a Spray cosmetic manually.


Category Spray Cosmetic Examples
▶ Island Topper

Island Topper is a category that adds, the player's desired island topper to his in-game island's roof.

This should be available in the next updates, coming soon...

▶ Death Cry

Death cries are the sounds that are being played for the killer of the player whenever that player dies.

There are over 37 death cries, new ones could be added with the Developer API only.


▶ Shopkeeper Skin

Shopkeeper skins are the skins that are being spawned instead of the default shopkeeper skin.

There are over 69 shopkeeper skins, you can both create new ones manually and with the Developer API.

• Creating a Shopkeeper Skin cosmetic manually.



Category Shopkeeper Skin Cosmetic Examples
▶ Kill Message

Kill Message is a category, that changes the kill, void kill, bow, fall kill, minion, and bed break messages to the one that the player selected.

There are over 29 kill messages, you can both create new ones manually and with the Developer API.

• Creating a Kill Message cosmetic manually.


Category Kill Message Cosmetic Examples
▶ Glyph

Glyph is a category, that plays the player's selected glyph image over the diamond and emerald generators with particles, whenever the player picks up a diamond or an emerald.

There are over 16 glyphs, those glyphs could be added both manually and with the Developer API.

• Creating a Glyph cosmetic manually.


Category Glyph Cosmetic Examples
▶ Bed Destroy

Bed Destroy is a category, that plays the player's selected bed break effect over the bed whenever the player breaks a bed in-game.

There is over 18 unique bed destroy effects, those effects can only be added with the Developer API.


Category Bed Destroy Cosmetic Examples
▶ Wood Skin

Wood Skin is a category, that changes the wood skin to the skin that the player has selected and they can use it in-game by buying it from the bedwars shop.

There are over 12 wood skins, you can both add manually and with the Developer API.

• Creating a Wood Skin cosmetic manually.


Category Wood Skin Cosmetic Examples

After you buy the resource you may follow these links to get started, you don't have to wait even a second to get your license key, it's pretty easy and fast.

▶ Getting Started

Terms of Service
Purchase Verifying
Addon Installation
Commands & Permissions
Categories & Cosmetics
Developer API
▶ Quick Links

Creating New Cosmetics
Creating New Rarities
Helpful Configuration Resources
Main Configuration
Language Configuration
Sounds Configuration
Frequently Asked Questions
Buyers get almost 24/7 support on our support Discord server, please be considered to read the documentation, and only ask for support if you haven't found your question's solution in the documentation.
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