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➢ Arcade Minigames

GOLD ➢ Arcade Minigames 1.52b

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⚠ 1.18.2 ⚠
Download Here!

⚠ 1.18.1 ⚠
Download Here!

⚠ 1.14.4 | 1.15.2 | 1.16.3 | 1.16.5 | 1.17.1 ⚠

Download Here!

⚠ 1.8.8 | 1.12.2 ⚠

Download Here!
(Seasonal update)

Read the entire page before you buy it!
I offer the premade, tutorial videos and support on discord!
If you can't use discord we can offer the resources on e-mail


The Arcade Games offers you a wide range of fun and casual minigames which are played in a fast-paced style. After you complete each game, you get awarded with coins that you can use to unlock cool gadgets!
Minecraft servers:
- quantumvanilla.apexmc.co
- play.wincremicraft.eu
- play.melacraft.com
- SavageCraft.club
- Play.VampiricGhost.tk
- play.mysticalmc.nl
- PeeWeeMC.sparked.network
- mc.avclatin.club
- play.blockville.co.uk
- play.pixeledgebd.com
- mgu.one
- play.ofunny.world
- play.aquacraft.ca
- minexamaks.co
- arcadecraft.in
- mcplaycoffee.net
- MenaceGamer.com
- Difficult-Knights.de
- play.mognetwork.me
- craftplay.de
- play.mcindia.net
- netmc.tk
- mc.spragile.lt
- play.almightys.in
- play.kikkercraft.nl
Bedrock servers:
- BE.VampiricGhost.tk:27763


» Join Signs and NPC with configurable lines!
» Lightweight
» No dependency
» Translatable
» Setup wizard which makes arena creations much easier
» MultiArena and BungeeMode(AutoJoin) supported
» SQLite/MySQL support
» Leaderboards
» PlaceholderAPI

» 10 Games for now:
■ TNT Tag
■ PropHunt

■ TempleRun
■ MiniWalls

■ Splegg
■ BombLobbers
■ Quake
■ TNT Run
■ BlockParty

■ PartyGames(11 Games atm only)!
- Pig Fishing
- Avalanche
- Trampolino
- Punch The Bats
- Minecart Racing
- Animal Slaughter
- Volcano
- Hoe Hoe Hoe
- Frozen Floor
- The Floor Is Lava

- Jungle Jump
And more to come!


New video!!

Video made on a 1GB RAM Test Server





Code (Text):

arcade.admin: Use all the commands for admin
arcade.player.commands: If RequiredPermission is enabled /game join and /game quickjoin will require the permission

Arcade Games:
Command: /arc or /arcadegames

Commands: /trun or /tntrun
Commands: /bp or /blockparty
Commands: /tg or /tnttag
Commands: /ph or /prophunt
Commands: /tr or /templerun
Commands: /pg or /partygames
Commands: /bl or /bomblobbers
Commands: /spg or /splegg
Commands: /mw or /miniwalls


Code (Text):
1. /<game> create <id> <name><min> <max>
ID - unique number or name to be able to join the arena easy
NAME - The display name(what's seen ingame)
MIN - The minimum of players required for the game to be able to begin
MAX - The Maximum of players allowed for the game.
2. Follow the setup in-game(It will tell you exactly what to do)
3. Create a sign
[Game Name]
/<game> addnpc

5. Contact me if you still don't know on how to set it
6. And that's it, congratulations!
a) %arcade_allplayers% - Show count of all the playing players
b) %arcade_ongoing% - Show count of all the ongoing arenas.
c) %arcade_<game>_players% - Show count of <game>'s playing players
d) %arcade_<game>_wins% - Show to player the count of <game>'s wins
e) %arcade_<game>_<id>_name% - Show the count of <game>'s <id> name
f) %arcade_<game>_<id>_status% - Show the status of <game>'s <id>
g) %arcade_<game>_<id>_players% - Show the count of <game>'s <id> players
h) %arcade_<game>_<id>_max_players% - Show the count of <game>'s <id> max
i) %arcade_totalwins% - Show all the wins from all the games


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