Spartan Anti-Cheat | Advanced Cheat/Hack Detection | 1.7 - 1.20.2

GOLD Spartan Anti-Cheat | Advanced Cheat/Hack Detection | 1.7 - 1.20.2 Phase 535.3

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14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Spartan should be your top choice when it comes to anticheats. It offers full solution detections, delivers on its claims, and has proven its excellent reputation over the years.

Most Used Premium Anticheat
Used by more servers than any competitor.

Simplest Configuration
Drag and drop, it just works.

Best Customer Support
5-star anticheat since 2016, history speaks for itself.

Inventory Menu Leader
Menu design and capabilities that are truly unbeatable.

Most Adaptive
Detections that calculate and adapt to your server's needs.

Most Compatible
We support many of your favorite plugins.

Best Version Support
Spartan updates first and uses the most compatible libraries.

Cloud feature
No more waiting for updates, issues are fixed in seconds.

Best Developer API
Biggest and most capable API for unlimited development.
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  1. Phase 535.3

    Phase 535.3
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