1. _bunny


    NEW Custom reward type (%statistic_mob_kills% was used in this case) Referral reward applying system Referral reward preview Purchasable reward Custom GUIs example with content Example of streak reward (used textured skull in this case)

    Free Global Market Plus [1.7 - 1.20] | Transaction | Auction House | Mailbox | Customizable

    Purchase this plugin. Put GlobalMarketPlus.jar in plugins folder Start the server and wait for the plugins/GlobalMarketPlus folder to be generated. Done. Spoiler: Economy Settings How to hook Vault: Close your server. Open Config.yml file and find option "Economy-Settings". Set...

    Free AACBungeeConnect [AAC] [AACAdditionPro] 1.6.8

    AACBungeeConnect v1.6.8 Made in Switzerland Please read ALL of the overview CAREFULLY before purchase! By purchasing AACBungeeConnect you confirm you have read the entire overview and you agree to the ToS below. If you want to support me further, then feel free to donate me a coffee or...

    Free McmmoGui - More McMMO Experience 1.1.0-BETA

    DEPENDENCIES WEBSITE: DOCUMENT: DISCORD: T.O.S: 2 YEARS. IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE. 2 years ago, we released a configuration set for Mcmmo, this config added a lot of GUI support to view...

    Free Easter Season - Egg Hunt 1.1.0

    Why us? Satisfaction - Years of work are reflected into high quality product with high rating score. Flexibility - The whole plugin is able to customize just for your expectations. Support - Fast & Friendly support is ready to solve your troubles. What challenges are waiting for players...

    Free Display Shops | A New Approach To Player Shops 1.7.3

    Hello, XZot1K here, to answer a quick question about Display Shops. Is it laggy? The simple answer is nope! The displays such as holograms and floating items are all packet-based and sent to the player as a packet asynchronously, which means that the client will see it, but the server is not...

    Free RayTraceAntiXray 1.11.0

    RayTraceAntiXray Paper plugin for server-side async multithreaded ray tracing to hide ores that are exposed to air using Paper Anti-Xray engine-mode 1. Paper Anti-Xray can't hide ores that are exposed to air in caves for example (see picture below). This plugin is an add-on for Paper Anti-Xray...

    Free EcoShop 1.17.0

    What is EcoShop? EcoShop is a server shop plugin with every feature that you could want. Multiple currencies support, custom item support, item economy support, single-purchase items, item buy limits, paged shops, multiple shops, multiple buy options - the list goes on. If there's ever something...

    Free RecyclerPlus - Recycle your items 1.1.4

    RecyclerPlus plugin features: Full plugin customization Fail Recycler - Adds the possibility that the recycler does not work. Change result - change the result of the utilizer. BlackList Item - Exclude items you don't want to recycle. Recycler Item - Get the materials you used to create it...
  10. U

    Request Map-Ads - Ads on maps ✏️ [1.16.5 - 1.19.2]

    It seems to be a very good plugin for RP servers and SMP servers.✏%EF%B8%8F-1-16-5-1-19-2.96918/
  11. SOHAM

    NULLED PvPManager Lite 3.9.4

    Description PvPManager is made to be an all in one PvP plugin. Meaning that instead of using multiple plugins that change/customize the PvP experience in your server you would just use one. More suggestions are always welcome, although new features are usually added to the premium version first...
  12. SOHAM

    NULLED ✨ GambleBarPro | The Perfect Gambling Solution✨ 1.8.9

    GambleBarPro is a plugin that allows for players to participate in games of chance for an opportunity to win rewards! GambleBarPro allows players to buy gambling drinks from a bar via command, /bar. When a player right-clicks their drink, they will either win or lose, depending on the odds of...
  13. SOHAM

    NULLED dtlTradersPlus 6.4.12

    dtlTraders was created to easily setup admin shops for your server. Make and manage your shops with a GUI. Seriously, no hassle with configs and commands Do you like dtlTraders? Let other people know by a review! Join discord to get involved in future updates or get/give help from/to other...
  14. SOHAM

    NULLED Machines - [MYSQL-SQLITE, HOLOGRAMS, SHOP & MORE | 1.8.x - 1.19] 4.8.10

    If you have any issue, let me know it! Click Here to Submit Announcements: * Machines v3.0 is out now! Below you can check some of the plugin functions. (All spoilers below are availables on Machines v3.0+) (Working.) (Upgrading.) (Also, Player Heads can be Machines in Machines v3.0.)
  15. SOHAM

    NULLED ✈️Vehicles (No resourcepacks needed!) Only Spigot >= 1.14

  16. SOHAM

    NULLED [Official] mcMMO - Original Author Returns! 2.1.222

    mcMMO Features #1 RPG Mod for Minecraft of ALL TIME! Fully featured mmo-like party system Admins can start XP events Localization Robust Skills Countless Skills and Abilities! Custom items! XP Bars Competitive Skill Leaderboards Skills that focus on fun gameplay rather than restriction Follows...
  17. SOHAM

    NULLED SafariNet - Premium Mob Catcher plugin 1.15.37

  18. SOHAM

    NULLED BuildSystem [1.8-1.19] 2.20.3

    BuildSystem is a simple but powerful - as the name already says - system for builders, with lots of great features for everyday usage. Manage worlds in the worlds navigator, change their permission, projects and status with ease. And not to forget: let each player decide which settings whey...
  19. SOHAM

    NULLED PlayerControlPlus | Save and Inspect players Activity on your Server [1.8-1.19] 3.9.2

    WHAT CAN I DO WITH PLAYERCONTROL+? The plugin will constantly save what your players do on your server/network. If someone writes something in the chat, executes a command, kills a user, even craft some item, the plugin is going to save it. Using the /pc check command you will be able to see all...
  20. SOHAM

    NULLED [1.8-1.19] zAuctionHouse (+1100 servers online)

    Multiple servers addon: purchase here Discord bot: download here Configurable message Configurable inventories Configurable categories MySQL, PgSQL, MariaDB and JSON storage System to convert data from other plugins Soutien à l'écononie : Vault, PlayerPoint, TokenManager ; MySQL Token, Level...
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