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Map Description:​

This is the Urcafts server lobby map drain for you. The lobby is built on the theme of the server with the central buildings and monuments of Russia. It is convenient to spawn your players on this lobby, since they will not be able to walk around the entire lobby, and will only spawn at a point that is surrounded by a wall of invisible Minecraft blocks. In this lobby, you can place your cases, or additional information about the game, and there is also a place for NPCs that will teleport your players around your Minecraft server.

Map information:​

The map was tested on versions: 1.12.2

Map coordinates: 0 80 0

If you install a scheme, be sure to turn off leaf fall before installing the rule:

/gamerule randomTickSpeed 0

Map screenshots:​


How to install a map in minecraft:​

How to install a minecraft map on a computer? (no server)​

  1. Download the map
  2. Move the folder from the archive to the folder C:/Users/USER_NAME/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves
  3. Go into the game and select this map in the created worlds
  4. Everything

How to install a map on a minecraft server​

  1. Download the map.
  2. Move the folder with the map from the archive to the folder with your server.
  3. In server.properties of your server, replace level-name= world with the name of the downloaded map
  4. Save the file and restart the server.
  5. Everything

How to install a scheme on a map​

  1. Open the map where you want to install the scheme with MCedit
  2. And paste the diagram through it.
  3. save
  4. Ready.
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