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Spoiler: Plain Text Description
Ultra Permissions is the next level Permissions Plugin that can be fully controlled via In-Game
Interfaces. It suggests you permissions based on installed plugins, visualises permissions
checks and manages your chat all in one interface.

Updates Wiki Discord

Highlighted Features:
Permission Suggestions

Conveniently suggests permissions based
on installed Plugins

Network Support
Supports BungeeCord Permissions & syncs data with
MySQL across all Servers

Chat Manager
Offers an optional built-in Chat Manager
for basic formatting

Temporary Permissions
Add Permissions or Ranks to players only for a
specific amount of time

Add Groups or Permissions only for specific
servers and worlds

Can be fully controlled with commands

Permission Log
View the Permission Log to find missing
Permissions from recent checks

Very frequent updates which can be
installed with just a click
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  1. 5.5.2

  2. Java 8 Fix