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Free SKYBLOCK REBORN | REAL CUSTOM PLUGINS | Minions| Upgrades| Dungeons ♛ files leak 2.0

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You can test out this setup and all our other setups at our test server:


This is the long await SKYBLOCK REBORN. This setup is very well optimized and dynamic to make sure that you can grow and keep a player base. This server takes Skyblock to a whole new level. The goal of this server is to step up the current state of Skyblock servers and bring a whole unique take to Skyblock along with improving the core gameplay that makes Skyblock so loved and bringing the community closer together.


This server comes with tons of documentation and support! This includes tons of video tutorials and written information for installation and customization. This also includes 24/7 support in our Discord!


There are 4 completely custom plugins that make this server amazing! Thanks to our amazing developer these plugins bring some completely custom features that other servers are not able to compare. This setup includes the following completely custom plugins, SkyblockRebornCore, LuckyBlocks, ChatReborn, and MinionsPlus.


These marvelous builds are completely unique to the setup and cannot be found anywhere else, this kind of exclusivity means that no one else will be using the same builds from like planet Minecraft or anything along those lines.

Spoiler: Pictures of Spawn
Spoiler: Islands


Here is where the fun begins, if you would rather see it in-game you can see the server at if not continue reading to check out all the amazing things this setup has to offer.


MinionsPlus is a custom plugin that brings minions to your Skyblock setup. This plugin comes with a whole bunch of minions that can keep your players interested and also help them automate their islands. There are a total of 7 different minions for your players to use, miner, seller, fisher, farmer, collector, breeder, butcher.


This custom lucky block plugin provides an interesting gambling mechanic that allows players to mine a block and watch as the hologram above the block scrambles between the possible outcomes and chooses one.


Chat Reborn is also a completely custom plugin that is designed to control all the chat on the server. This plugin is now included in all my reborn series. The point of this plugin is to allow cool features from other chat plugins without having to have any sort of premium plugin. This plugin hooks into PlaceholderAPI to allow you to add any placeholder you want about your players to the chat.


This setup comes completely packed and ready to go with 4 staff ranks, Owner, Admin, Moderator, and Helper. These ranks come preconfigured with permissions so all you have to do is drag and drop.
Spoiler: How to Promote and Demote
Promote: /lp user {USER} group add {GROUPNAME}
Demote: /lp user {USER} group remove {GROUPNAME}


This server also has 5 preconfigured donor ranks! These ranks are the same rank names as all the other reborn series so that the server can easily be set up to a network. The ranks are Elder, Knight, Lord, King, and Emperor.
Spoiler: How to Promote and Demote
Promote: /lp user {USER} group add {GROUPNAME}
Demote: /lp user {USER} group remove {GROUPNAME}


Players can upgrade their island with money in order to increase some key aspects of their island, those aspects include, generator resources, island size, team size, and team homes.



Shards are a unique second currency that players can earn by killing monsters on their island, dungeons, or in any of the mines. When a mob is killed it has a chance to add a shard which a player can then purchase cool things with /shards.


An amazing part of this server and something that makes it truly unique is the mines. Players can purchase a ticket that allows them to visit the mines for a certain amount of time. The mines are filled with ores and bosses that players can fight for special rewards. Which gives the server a beautiful mix of risk versus reward.
Spoiler: Mine Pictures
Basic Mine

Rare Mine

Legendary Mine


This amazing enchantment plugin makes PVP an actual competition in the server. There are three different levels of enchants that are purchased with vanilla experience points and then applied to your items via books!


Players can join the dungeon with /dungeon join, there each of them selects a class and wait to be placed into the arena. Players will battle a variety of bosses and mobs while battling in the arena, all the while earning rewards that they can use to level up their island.


There are 25 pre-configured tags that can be given to players via commands. These tags help players stand out or stand together with their friends who all share the same tag.
Spoiler: How to give someone a tag


There are four different jobs from players to choose from, these jobs are a small boost in income for players. Jobs are a nice small and progressive goal for players to work on while they are upgrading their island.


With a total of 25 different menus and a total of 5.5k+ lines of text, the unique menus in this server make it stand out and make it much easier for players to navigate and even purchase different items!


There are 4 different crates created all with unique rewards. The crate types are Vote, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. These crates can be an amazing way to reward donators for their purchase or show your appreciation for any long-lasting and dedicated players.


Envoys are toggled around spawn every hour. This is the only place to earn some valuable loot which makes it essential for all players to participate in the envoy. Greatly increasing the PVP aspect of the server and bringing the competitive level up to 11.


Players can create a chest shop to help define the economy of the server along with an amazing way to trade with each other when offline. The amazing chest shop plugin shows some amazing holograms above the chest to make it easier for players to find what they are looking for.


Players can sell their items in the auctions for players to purchase. These are a great alternative for chest shops. Auctions allow you to purchase items even if the players are offline.


All staff members can use /staff to open up an easy to use GUI which helps quickly control any misbehaving players along with predefined punishment schemes so that all players are being punished fairly and quickly. The staff mode also keeps a log of every player that has been punished for later reference.


Most skyblock players love gambling and its a unique way to get the community involved in some friendly competition. The lottery is run for 15 minutes every hour. Players can purchase tickets to join the lottery and will win the big bucks if their ticket is chosen!


Players can activate a trade with each other using /trade username, the other player can then accept the trade with /trade accept. Players can trade items or money. This is a great way for the community to interact on a more personal level.


I offer extensive support for free. If you are in need of any help please feel free to contact us at the support link below. Along with any support you need you may also become a VIP which gives you 20% off any other of my setups.
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