Reindeer Sleigh Mount - MythicMob

Free Reindeer Sleigh Mount - MythicMob mount

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Jingle across the winter night sky, among Christmas lights and holiday cheer with your very own Reindeer Sleigh Mount!
The mount is a player controlled flying carriage that rides very fast both on ground and while in the air. The Mythic Mob uses the Model Engine plugin to display this custom design in game. It’s the ultimate holiday mount for your server and players.

Plug & Play! Easy to set up.
Requires MythicMobs & ModelEngine Server Plugins. Works best from Minecraft 1.18!

Configured with sound effects too! Jingles as you ride!


  • BBmodel blueprint for ModelEngine (including textures & animations)
  • MythicMob Behaviour YML
  • Installation Guide
  • User License
About this MythicMobs Mount:

  • Tameable (RIGHT CLICK).
    Stays where you left it when not mounted.
  • Mountable (LEFT CLICK).
  • Steer using WASD.
    Hold SHIFT to decend (will only dismount when the mount is on the ground).
    Hold SPACE to fly up higher.
Mounts are a great way to excite your players, and a fun way to make videos more engaging.
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