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Build by : magmaguy
Leaked By : AurLeaks

The green men from outer space have invaded a frontier town! Chase these outsiders out of town, follow them into the mothership and show them what you're made of!

This is an experimental design for the dungeon, where the first half of the map is free (the town) and the other half (the space ship) is premium. You will be able to go up to the space ship and fight the final boss if you purchase the premium version!

EliteMobs Info (Premium version):
Recommended Level: 35 - 45
Bosses: 141 Regional [39 Unique + Reinforcements + Treasure Chests]
Unique Items: 13
Difficulty: Medium
Map type: World
Type: Mini-Dungeon
Compatibility: Minecraft Version: 1.17.1+
EliteMobs Version: 7.3.13+
Credits: AurLeaks
First release
Last update
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