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MCCosmetics (Beta Version)

GOLD MCCosmetics (Beta Version) 0.5.0

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✨ Features ✨

In the plugin right now
✔️ Cosmetic Hats - You can have these equipped at the same time as normal helmets.
✔️ Cosmetic Off-hand items - you can have these equipped at the same time as other items.
✔️ Backpack Cosmetics - Does not take an inventory slot
✔️ Model Engine Accessories - Spawn any model engine models relative to the player (fully animated backpacks for example).
✔️ Player Emotes / Gestures - Fully animated player emotes (like wave and dance)
✔️ Sprays - Let your players spray paint temporary images on blocks.
✔️ Very easily configured GUI layouts.
✔️ Permissions system to unlock cosmetics.
✔️ Public API so other plugins can equip cosmetics, lock them in place and remove them.
✨ Upcoming Features ✨
These are things we are testing, developing and discussing
✔️ MySQL support
✔️ Color Picker - Let the players pick colors for your tinted models
✔️ Hex color picker - let the player pick any hex color code to spawn models with.
✔️ Being able to put a lead between the player and Model Engine models (to simulate the popular Balloons feature).
✔️Wardrobe system and other ways to preview cosmetics.
✔️ Cosmetic Sets - Spawn multiple cosmetics at once from all the different categories.
✔️ Search mechanic for the player
✔️ Fully cosmetic armor sets (boots, leggings, chestplate and helmet) that you can equip while wearing normal armor.
✔️ Player Particles / Trails
✔️ Pets & Mounts (MC Pets integration)
✔️ Chat tag, title and color picker (placeholder usage to integrate to your existing chat plugin).
✔️ & More that are so early in talks that we don't want to list them.
✨ Included demo content ✨
Everything is included in the premium version of the plugin, the free version comes with cosmetics marked with Free.
This is also the only difference between premium and free.

✨ Pictures & Videos ✨

✨ Partner ✨
Download more cosmetics from mcmodels.net
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