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LostSkyWars Premium Nulled/Cracked [Not for Purchase ANYMORE!]

GOLD LostSkyWars Premium Nulled/Cracked [Not for Purchase ANYMORE!] 2.4.21

No permission to download

Java: 8 | Server: Spigot | Version: 1.8.8-1.12.2

This is a skywars plugin based in the most popular server and it's fully customizable! You can create own maps, chests, kits, perks, leaderboards, ranked leagues and more.







  • Party System:
    • Requires LostedParties.
      • Allows the creation of groups with players, so that when the leader connects to the server members are sent together and if possible on the same team.
  • Mystery Vault:
    • Requires LostedBoxes.
      • When playing matches you can receive a Mystery Box, in Mystery Vault you can open it to receive a random reward from those listed in the Box.



Player Commands:

  • /stats <username> - Shows player stats.
  • /watch <username> - Watch a player match.
  • /joingame <world> - Join a world match.

Admin Commands:

  • /lsw - Main command.
  • /lsw setlobby - Set the lobby of your server.
  • /lsw build - Enable builder mode.
  • /lsw leaderboard - Manage LeaderBoards.
  • /lsw leaderboard add - Add a LeaderBoard.
  • /lsw leaderboard remove - Remove a LeaderBoard.
  • /lsw playnpc - Manage PlayNPCs.
  • /lsw playnpc add - Add a PlayNPC.
  • /lsw playnpc remove - Remove a PlayNPC.
  • /lsw playnpc setskin <mode> <user> - Set skin of the NPCs to a skin from user.
  • /lsw boxnpc - Manage MysteryVaults.
  • /lsw boxnpc add - Add a MysteryVault.
  • /lsw boxnpc remove - Remove a MysteryVault.
  • /lsw wellnpc - Manage SoulWell NPCs.
  • /lsw wellnpc add - Add a WellNPC.
  • /lsw wellnpc remove - Remove a WellNPC.
  • /lsw give - Give coins/souls to players.
  • /lsw give coins <player> <amount> - Give coins to a player.
  • /lsw give souls <player> <amount> - Give souls to a player.
  • /lsw remove - Remove coins/souls from players.
  • /lsw remove coins <player> <amount> - Remove coins from a player.
  • /lsw remove souls <player> <amount> - Remove souls from a player.
  • /lsw fstart - Force starts your current server.
  • /lsw load - Load a world of server folder.
  • /lsw unload - Unload a server world.
  • /lsw teleport - Teleport to an server world.
  • /lsw create - Create a new game.
  • /lsw chest - Enter in the chest mode (Change ChestTypes of a game).


  • lostskywars.lobby.fly - Fly in lobby.
  • lostskywars.chat.delay - Bypass delay to text on chat.
  • lostskywars.chat.color - Use colors on chat.
  • lostskywars.mapselector.infinite - Infinite map selector attempts.
  • lostskywars.cmd.skywars - Use /lsw (All Commands).
  • lostskywars.cmd.stats - Use /stats <username>.
  • lostskywars.cmd.watch - Use /watch <username>.
  • lostskywars.cmd.join - Use /joingame <world>



  • Compatible spigot.
    • How to see your version?
      • Open the .jar with rar viewer and open the folders in that order: net, minecraft, server.
        • If you've opened folders correctly will have the folder with server version.
    • Compatible:
      • v1_8_R3
      • v1_9_R1 (Not fully tested)
      • v1_10_R1 (Not fully tested)
      • v1_11_R1 (Not fully tested)
      • v1_12_R1 (Not fully tested)
  • Download plugin.
  • Drag and drop all you downloaded into your plugins directory.
  • Start the server for creating default configs.
  • Stop the server and Configure what your needs.
  • You can edit lang.yml if you needs.
  • Enjoy!
First Map:

  • Video:
  • Load your world with /lsw load <worldfolder>.
  • Use /lsw teleport <world-name> after loading.
  • Use Beacons to determine the spawns.
  • Use /lsw create <solo/doubles> <normal/insane/ranked> <name>
  • Use the "Border" item to mark the corners of map.
  • After mark the corners click on "Confirm" item.
  • After the map creation you can use /lsw chest <chest-type> to change chest types.
  • Enjoy!


Join our Discord server to get support or add me: lostedd#5285.
In the Discord server you can get a exclusive role too, for buyers. Check the #┃supporter chat. I'm waiting you.
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