KnockioFFA | Best Knockback FFA Plugin

GOLD KnockioFFA | Best Knockback FFA Plugin 1.5

No permission to download
➱ Trails, Kill Effects, Kill Sounds & Block Animations (Give benefits to your premium players!)
➱ Special In-Game Events (Extra Speed, Double Jump, Explosive Arrows, One Touch & Arrow Rain!)
➱ Elo/Ranks (Customizable elos/ranks that players can reach! Let this mini-game be competitive!)
➱ Inventory Changer (Let players change order of in-game items in their inventories!)
➱ Multiple Arenas (Use multiple arenas! Change time is 20 minutes, but you can change that!
➱ NPC Settings Menu (Citizens isn't needed! Check tutorial below on how to set another skin!)
➱ MySQL Support
➱ Bungeecord mode (Let players join automatically to the game!)
➱ Sub-Lobby (Make sub-lobby with customizable lobby items!)
➱ In-Game Scoreboard (99% configurable! You can disable it and use your own scoreboard plugin!)
➱ Configurable Messages (Make it even more unique!)
➱ Top Players Leaderboards (It is easy to make with plugin such as ajLeaderboards!)

Spoiler: Permissions
➱ knc.admin
➱ knc.admin.forcemap
➱ knc.joinmessage.bypass
➱ knc.trail.*
➱ knc.trail.<trail>
➱ knc.killsound.*
➱ knc.killsound.<killsound>
➱ knc.killeffect.*
➱ knc.killeffect.<killeffect>
➱ knc.block.*
➱ knc.block.<block animation>
➱ knc.skipmap
Spoiler: Commands
Player commands:
➱ /knc join
➱ /knc leave
➱ /knc settings
➱ /knc skipmap
➱ /yes
➱ /no

Staff commands:
➱ /knc forcemap
➱ /knc setlobby
➱ /knc setleave
➱ /knc tool
➱ /knc maps
➱ /knc createmap <name>
➱ /knc deletemap <name>
➱ /knc setnpc <name>
➱ /knc removenpc <name>
➱ /knc npcs
➱ /knc reload
Spoiler: Placeholders
No download needed
➱ %knc_kills%
➱ %knc_deaths%
➱ %knc_streak%
➱ %knc_maxstreak%
➱ %knc_kdr%
➱ %knc_elo%
➱ %knc_elorank%
➱ %knc_elotag%
➱ %knc_killeffect%
➱ %knc_killsound%
➱ %knc_trail%
➱ %knc_block%
➱ %knc_map%
➱ %knc_maptimer%
Spoiler: NPC Skins
Customize your NPC settings menu skin!
➱ Go to MineSkin
➱ Choose the skin you want
➱ Clik on it, and copy the code
that is in "Direct Link" after
➱ Insert in into config.yml under the MineSkin function
➱ Restart the server, and you are done!
Spoiler: Servers
Servers using this plugin:
Spoiler: Support
Join our Discord server for support:
If you have trouble with joining to the server, add me as a friend on Discord and contact me directly, Onionar#2153
Spoiler: Terms and Conditions
You can not resell this product.
You can not dispute/chargeback.
You can not share this product.
You can not post it anywhere.
You can not claim this product as yours.
In case of breach these terms your license will be canceled and you will be reported.
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