1. Julia Dev

    GOLD KnockioFFA | Best Knockback FFA Plugin 1.5

    ➱ Trails, Kill Effects, Kill Sounds & Block Animations (Give benefits to your premium players!) ➱ Special In-Game Events (Extra Speed, Double Jump, Explosive Arrows, One Touch & Arrow Rain!) ➱ Elo/Ranks (Customizable elos/ranks that players can reach! Let this mini-game be competitive!) ➱...
  2. Julia Dev

    Free KnockbackFFA Minigame [50% Easter Sale] 8.1

    -> [1.13.x && 1.14.x] in Beta, i do not have reports of bugs and i think that work correctly! -> [1.15.x-1.16.x] Experimental can found bugs or problems, i cannot play and test in their versions. Need help? Join My Discord: Support SQLite and MySQL Bungeecord...
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