HuskSync [1.16-1.19] - Synchronize player inventories & data cross-server

NULLED HuskSync [1.16-1.19] - Synchronize player inventories & data cross-server 2.2.4

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  • Comprehensive: Synchronize the following player data across-server. All of them can be turned on or off:
    • Inventories (& armor, off hand, selected slot)
    • Ender Chests
    • Experience points & levels
    • Health (& Max health, health scale)
    • Hunger (& Saturation, exhaustion)
    • Game mode
    • Advancements
    • Statistics (ESC → Statistics menu)
    • Location (& Flight status)
  • Seamless: Data is centrally cached and distributed on demand via Redis messaging rather than constantly being queried from a database; this means the plugin is able to synchronize data seamlessly - players should have their data updated near-instantaneously.
  • Offline Viewing: View and edit the contents of player inventories and ender chests while they are offline.
  • Migrate from MySQLPlayerDataBridge easily.
  • Open-source with an easy to use Event API.
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