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    Free MATAHARI SETUP (1.19) (Beta 0.3

    MATAHARI IS NO LONGER CHEAP(LOW PRICE) AuthorAreanyddDownloads564Views2,905First ReleaseJul 2, 2022Last UpdateJul 2, 2022Rating0.00 star(s)0 ratings
  2. SOHAM

    NULLED ajQueuePlus 2.2.7

    ajQueue is a queue plugin that will prevent players from spam-joining a server, or will queue players when the server is full/restarting - Bungeecord and Velocity support - Separate queues for each server - Priority queue feature (with infinite layers) - Per-server priority queue (also with...
  3. SOHAM

    NULLED HuskSync [1.16-1.19] - Synchronize player inventories & data cross-server 2.2.4

    Comprehensive: Synchronize the following player data across-server. All of them can be turned on or off: Inventories (& armor, off hand, selected slot) Ender Chests Experience points & levels Health (& Max health, health scale) Hunger (& Saturation, exhaustion) Game mode Advancements Statistics...


    Map Description: Great hub with beautiful organics on top and beautiful structure inside. The map has a place for NPCs and an area for your players to move around. Map information: Version: 1.12+ Size: 150x150 Map screenshots: How to install a map in minecraft: How to install a...
  5. rishikesh

    Free kSpigot | Optimized core for Minecraft server 1.12.2

    scription: The core increases performance at times, and will add additional features to your Minecraft server on version 1.12.2. It is based on the core of PaperSpigot. Features: Switchable LeafDecay Optimized Performance Multithreading Improved network and packet handling. And much more...
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