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ajQueue is a queue plugin that will prevent players from spam-joining a server, or will queue players when the server is full/restarting

- Bungeecord and Velocity support
- Separate queues for each server
- Priority queue feature (with infinite layers)
- Per-server priority queue (also with layers)
- Will say the server is restarting, or offline if offline for more than 2 mins (configurable)
- All messages are configurable in messages.yml
- Can replace the /server command
- Actionbar with queue position
- Can be used in guis/npcs (install on spigot too)
- PlaceholderAPI placeholders
- Ability to pause queues (to temporarily not sent players)
- Permission to only allow joining from certain servers
- Permission to skip the queue
- Permission to allow players to stay in the queue for a configurable amount of time after they leave (they will be in the same place in the queue if they rejoin)
- Server alias to display your servers differently (e.g "Event A" instead of "event-a")

This plugin requires a bungee/velocity server!
If you try to install it only on spigot, it will do nothing.

NOTE: Currently, only LuckPerms and built-in permissions are supported for priority permissions. Suggest more proxy permission plugins and ill add them


- Put jar in the proxy's plugins folder.
- Restart the proxy
- Use /queue or any of it's aliases
- If you want to replace the /server command, read this
- If you want to use the queue command from the spigot side (clicking npcs, clicking items, etc) just install the same jar on spigot
- Give priority queue players the ajqueue.priority.<number> permission node. See the priority queue wiki page for more info
- (optional) Install the plugin on spigot servers to make queue commands work in server selectors and npcs

If you did not replace the /server command, I recommend you deny players access to the /server command to prevent them from bypassing the queue


Some features that are not in the free version

- Permission to skip the queue
- Priority queue levels
- Server aliases (e.g. display Event A instead of event-a)
- Permission to set how long a player can be offline before being removed from the queue

If you don't need these features, you can use the free version.
The free version is exactly the same, just without these features

/queue <server> - Join the queue for <server>
/server <server> - Join the queue for <server> (requires setup)
/leavequeue - Leave any queue you are in.
/ajqueue reload - Reloads the configs
/ajqueue list - Lists players in queues and shows total player count in queues
/ajqueue pause <server> - Pause/unpause the queue for a server
/ajqueue <player> <server> - Puts a player in a queue

These commands may be incomplete. See in-game help and wiki for more info.

Use code AJG0702 to get 50% off! (new clients only)


If you have any questions, suggestions, or issues with the plugin, please contact me on any of the below methods:
Spigot PM
Spigot discussion section
(Discord is preferred and the quickest way to get a response)
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