Iris World Gen - Custom Biome Colors!

NULLED Iris World Gen - Custom Biome Colors! 2.2.1-1.19

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Iris is a full featured generator, here is a detailed list of all the features currently supported.
  • NEW! Custom Biomes via Data Packs! You can now give your biomes custom colors for leaves, grass, water & sky!
  • NEW! MCA Pregenerator, Depending on your processor you can turn 15 chunks per second into 90 or higher per second!
  • The Iris Overworld has over 100 biomes, 2,000 schematics & loads of detail. You can view the overworld project at
  • Fully customizable dimensions with "projects". Make your own biomes, regions, schematics & decorations with ease.
    • Iris has a "Studio" mode which allows you to design dimensions in schema supported json (autocomplete)
    • No biome limits
    • As you design your world, keep flying & see your changes hotload into the generator
  • Iris cannot cascade, ever! It generates schematics (objects) in a separate region space (memory & storage) then writes only the cross-sections into generating chunks. It's called the Parallax Layer
  • Fast biome finding with /iris goto
  • Project downloading & generating from github
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