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Free General Market 5.31

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With this plugin, your players will be able to quickly and easily sell and display items for sale that will be able to buy any of your player.
When buying items there is a commission to balance the economy of the game!


  • Your players can put items for sale
  • Interface for confirmation payment
  • You can set the min/max price of the items
  • Bank, where players can get money
  • LOG System
  • You can set the time after which the item disappears
  • You can add a player to the white list, from which the items after the time will not disappear
  • You can set a list of items that can not be put on sale. This can be done using a type of item or its name in the config
  • You can set the limit of items for a specific players or pex groups
  • Very simple and intuitive interface
  • Commission for sellers [Customizable, default: 30%]
  • You can reduce commission, by using pex
  • There is a command with instructions
  • Region check for commands [Customizable]
  • You can open the market by command, clicking on a special sign or using NPC
  • The ability to disable/enable, commands, sign, npc
  • Items are stored in the server's memory, which makes the plugin very fast!
  • Special protection from Dupe
  • Support multi-translation! You can translate every word!
  • /market o,open - Open market
  • /market add <cost> - Put the item in hand for sale
  • /market bank - Here you can get the money that earned
  • /market help - Open help
  • /market clear - Clear all items from market [Only admin]
  • /market purge - Start cleaning items with the elapsed time
  • /market reload - Reload config
  • market.add - Allows upload items for market
  • market.bypass.region - It allows to create a market not in a special region
  • market.commis.<config_group> -It allows you to reduce the commission from sales
  • market.ilimit.<limit> Set items limit for players(infinity -1)
Spoiler: Create a SIGN
Set the SIGN and write on any line
To create a Market:
To create a Bank:
Spoiler: Create a NPC
You must create NPC using any plugins to create NPC
For example: Citizens

You need to create an NPC with a special name

To create a Market, set npc name:
To create a Bank, set npc name:

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