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Description of the Ultra Economy plugin:​

Ultra Economy is an economic plugin for your server. This plugin allows you to create a new currency on your server. Also, players using the Ultra Economy plugin will be able to trade with each other.


Main features of Ultra_Economy:​

Here are all the features of Ultra Economy.

  • Customizable. Fully customize each currency with an icon and custom balance format
  • Export of items. Export your money as an item to drop or store safely
  • Trading system. Fraud-protected player exchange system
  • Ease of use. All aspects of the plugin are customizable using the built-in
    game GUI
  • Bungee Cord and MySQL. Automatically syncs all your data across all servers
  • Vault support . All plugins that support Vault will also support Ultra Economy.

Ultra Economy plugin commands:​

Here is a list of all commands that can be used.

/uecon - To open the administrative GUI

/balance [Player] - View your balance or another player's balance

/pay <Player> <Currency> <Cost> - Pay the player the specified amount of currency

/trade <Player> - Trade with a specific player

/balancetop <Currency> | /baltop <currency> - To view the balance of the top 10 players in the selected currency

/addbalance <Player> <Currency> <Value> - Add the specified player balance currency value

/removebalance <Player> <Currency> <Value> - Remove the specified player balance currency value

/setbalance <Player> <Currency> <Value> - Set the value of the player's balance currency

Rights of the Ultra Economy plugin:​

Here is a list of all permissions that can be used

ultraeconomy.admin - Ultra Economy Basic Permission

ultraeconomy.pay - Allows you to pay another player

ultraeconomy.balancetop - Allows you to see the top five on the balance

ultraeconomy.balance.self - Allows you to see your balance

ultraeconomy.balance.others - Allows you to see the balance of others

ultraeconomy.trade - Allows you to trade with other players

ultraeconomy.cheat - GUI balance cheat

Placeholders of the Ultra Economy plugin:​

Below is a list of all available placeholders. Be aware that these placeholders require the PlaceholderAPI and a plugin that supports the API!

%uecon_balance_{currency}_total% - This placeholder will show the player's total balance

%uecon_balance_{currency}_hand% - This placeholder will show the balance in the player's hand.

%uecon_balancetop_{currency}_name_{place}% - This placeholder will show the player's name in place... of the top of the balance.

%uecon_balancetop_{currency}_balance_{place}% - This placeholder will show the balance of the top players in the balance

%uecon_balance_{currency}_total_unformatted% - This placeholder will show the total balance for the whole server in unformatted form.

%uecon_balance_{currency}_hand_unformatted% - This placeholder will show the total balance for the entire server in the format

%uecon_balance_{currency}_bank_unformatted% - This placeholder will show the total bank balance for the entire server in unformatted form.

How to install the Ultra Economy plugin?​

Server Requirements​

To run Ultra Economy smoothly, you will need SpigotMC, PaperMC, or a similar fork. We recommend Paper.

Server version​

Ultra Economy has been tested and is supported from 1.8.8 to 1.17.X. Versions outside this range are not supported and will not receive support.

NOTE. Our plugins do not officially support offline mode ( offline-mode )!

Installing the plugin on the server​

Once you have downloaded the latest version of Ultra Economy, place its .jar file in the plugins directory on your server.

NOTE. Be sure to stop the server before doing this.

Once the .jar is loaded, you can start your server.

When your server is up and running, a new folder called Ultra Economy should appear. This means that Ultra Economy has booted up correctly and can now be used.

Plugin testing​

If you followed the steps above, the plugin is now working. Now you can use /uecon

Installation on a proxy server (BungeeCord...)​

There are many proxies. BungeeCord is the regular one that is used most often, although Waterfall (developed by the Paper developers) has improved performance. Therefore, we recommend Waterfall.

To install a proxy, you need to repeat the installation process for each server.
After you finish installing the plugin on all internal servers, we need to install it on the proxy.

Once the plugin is installed on the proxy server, we need to set up MySQL connections inside the internal servers.

Connecting to MySQL​

To connect your server to MySQL, you need to connect to your server and use the command
/uecon >> Settings >> MySQL Database >> Setup MySQL >> Credentials

Here you will need to enter the credentials (information) of your database.

Once you have entered all the credentials, you can test the connection and confirm it.
When you have connected the plugin to MySQL, you need to restart the server.

When you have repeated this process for all your servers, your plugin is now proxy ready.

NOTE. If your database is not connected or the verification is taking too long, you have entered incorrect credentials.

Troubleshooting Guide​

The plugin does not connect to MySQL.​

If your plugin does not connect to MySQL or it takes a long time to check the connection, it means that you have entered incorrect credentials or you have configured MySQL incorrectly on the side of your hosting provider.

The proxy server is not connected.​

If your proxy is not connected, you need to do it manually.
First, we need the MySQL key from the connected server.
It can be found here \your server\plugins\UltraEconomy.
Here you need to copy the MySQL key.

NOTE. This key may continue on the second line, so be sure to copy everything!
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