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Description of the plugin NPC Player Shops Plus:​

NPC Player Shops+ is a premium high quality and stylish plugin that allows server owners to set up NPC shops that players can rent and use to list the items they buy and sell.

Shops are rented on a weekly basis, meaning when a player rents a shop they get it for 7 days, players can add as many weeks as they want. (shops expire 7 days after the lease expires to give players enough time to renew them).

The NPC Player Shops Plus plugin requires Vault to work .

Installing the NPC Player Shops Plus Plugin:​

  1. Just drag and drop PlayerShops.jar into the plugins folder.
  2. Start and stop the server so that it can generate the configuration file.
  3. Modify the config file to your liking.
  4. Just start your server.

NPC Player Shops Plus plugin permissions:​

playershop.limit.LIMIT - Adds a limit to the number of items a player can list.
playershop.limit.* - Gives the player an unlimited number of lists (max 500)
playershop.shoplimit.LIMIT - Sets a limit on the number of shops a player can rent at the same time. (default 1)
playershop.shoplimit.* - sets limit to maximum (5)
playershop.admin - grants admin access (create, delete, move, set infinite stock)

NPC Player Shops Plus plugin commands:​

/playershop create (rent_price) (isPermenant 0/1) - Create a store
/playershop delete - delete a store
/playershop move - Move a store

NPC Player Shops Plus plugin configuration:​

# MySQL Database Information
host: "localhost"
port: 3306
database: "minecraft"
username: ""
password: ""

currencyLanguage: "en"
currencyCountry: "US" # Default USD - Change to GB for British Pounds.

# Custom Currency will override the above settings when enabled.
customCurrency: true
currencySymbol: "EMERALDS"

pluginPrefix: "&8[&6PlayerShop&a+&8] "

This plugin also has a lang.yml which can be used to add translations to another language.

Test the NPC Player Shops Plus plugin:​

You can test the plugin at: mc.power-scripts.com - MC Version: 1.17.1

Video reviews of the plugin NPC Player Shops Plus:​

How to install the plugin?​

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Ready.
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