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Description of Matrix Plugin:​

Matrix is an advanced anti-cheat plugin that can quickly detect many types of cheats and supports multiple versions of Minecraft servers. It has been developed for a long time and adopted by many large servers.

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What verification methods does Matrix use:​

Matrix has 16 checks, their main functions are as follows:

  • KillAura & HitBox & Click Checker - It can detect and prevent players from using cheats during combat such as KillAura, AimBot, Reach, HitBox, MultiAura, AutoClicker, etc.
  • Move & Jesus Check - Prevents players from using move cheats such as Speed, Fly, Step, Climb, Jesus, etc.
  • BadPackets Check - Prevents players from sending anomalous data packets or sending data packets too quickly, and can prevent cheats like Timer, SkinBlinker, etc.
  • Delay Check - Prevents players from speeding up certain game operations such as quickly eating, quickly using a bow, quickly pressing a backpack, etc.
  • Scaffolding Inspection - Prevention of various types of scaffolding/tower fraud.
  • Block Validation - Prevents players from breaking or placing blocks in an abnormal way, such as FastBreak, Nuker, FastPlace, etc.
  • Speed Check - Checks if the player reacted normally to the knockback, which can prevent the player from using the anti-knockback.
  • Chat Check - Prevents players from chatting too fast.
  • Interaction Check - Detect anomalous interactions between players and blocks or entities, such as entities attacking through walls.
  • Phase check - prevent players from moving into blocks
  • AutoBot Check - Preventing Players from Using Mod Automated Robots to Play
  • Vehicle and Elytra Check - Prevent player cheating using elytra/vehicles such as ElytraFly, VehicleFly, etc.

Matrix Plugin Features:​

  • Powerful - Matrix is a powerful anti-cheat, it can quickly detect the vast majority of cheats, compared to other anti-cheats, Matrix can detect more cheats, and it is stable and fast
  • CrossVersion - Matrix can support multiple server versions and we will keep updating to support the latest version of Minecraft
  • Customization - Matrix is a highly customizable anti-cheat. You can define punishment commands for each check, and the configuration files are clearly separated, and different settings are separated into different files.
  • GUI control - You can perform some anti-cheat operations through the GUI without complex commands.
  • Configuration Sharing - You can share your profile with others very easily! Use the /matrix share command to share the config file, you will get the ID of the config file and can share it with others. Others simply use the /matrix dlcfg <Config ID> command to load your configuration file.
  • Geyser support - Matrix supports GeyserMC, you can refer to our wiki to learn how to install: WIKI

Matrix plugin commands:​

/matrix gui - Open control panel
/matrix status - Check player status
/matrix notify <Message> - Send notification to all employees online
/matrix verbose - Enable/disable output of detailed information
/matrix kick <Player nickname> <Reason> - Kick player from server
/matrix msg <Player Nickname> <Message> - Send warning to player
/matrix violations - Open Violations GUI directly
/matrix spec <Player Nickname> - Monitor player
/matrix ping <Player Nickname>- View player delay value
/matrix share - Share your configuration with others
/matrix dlcfg <config ID> - Load public configurations
/matrix togglenotify - Toggle notification messages
/matrix reload - Reload plugin

Matrix plugin permissions:​

matrix.command - The most basic command permissions, they are required to execute any Matrix
command matrix.gui - Use GUI command
matrix.bypass - Bypass anti-cheat
matrix.kick - Use kick command
matrix.notify - View notification message
matrix.verbose - Use verbose command and see verbose output.
matrix.warn - Use the command "/matrix msg"
matrix.togglechecks - Open the toggle checks
GUI matrix.violations - Use the command "/matrix violations" - Use the command "/matrix ping".
matrix.spec - Use "/matrix spec <player>" command.
matrix.reload - Use the reload command
matrix.* - All of the above permissions

How to install the Matrix plugin?​

The Matrix plugin requires the ProtocolLib plugin to work .

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Ready.
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