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  • 10 Cool Nameplates made by me Included and unlimited nameplates amount.
  • MySQL & SQLite support.
  • Permission based nameplates storage.
  • Nameplates auto adjust to player's name length.

  • Prefix & Suffix System (see the picture below)

Hide prefix when equipping / show prefix when equipping / show prefix when not equipping
  • Custom Namespace and Font support
  • Custom first character to avoid conflict
# Your namespace
namespace: "nameplates"

# Font Name
# Recommended not to set "default" when you are using "minecraft" as your namespace.
# You can use font like "nameplate" instead.
font: "default"

# Customize the folder where png files should be generated.
# This is useful for those who want to keep their resource pack structure in order.
folder-path: 'font\nameplates\'

# The initial character of all nameplates.
# 뀁 is the first character of Korean \ub001.
# You can specify any Unicode Character as you want.
start-char: '뀁'
  • Thin font support
  • Custom Player Name Color

  • CustomText with backgounds. Backgound will also adjust to the length of the text ^^
  • BossBar & Actionbar sender included!(minimap is mod)
  • Auto resource pack generation
  • MiniMessage format message(Hex & Gradient)
  • TAB support (Hooked into TAB's team management and you don't have to disable team management in TAB's config)
  • /nameplates help - show the command list
  • /nameplates reload - reload the configuration
  • /nameplates equip <nameplate> - equip a specified nameplate
  • /nameplates forceequip <player> <nameplate> - force a player to equip a specified nameplate
  • /nameplates unequip - unequip your nameplate
  • /nameplates forceunequip - force unequip a player's nameplate
  • /nameplates preview - preview your nameplate
  • /nameplates list - list your available nameplates
  • nameplates.reload
  • nameplates.equip.<nameplate>
  • nameplates.forceequip
  • nameplates.unequip
  • nameplates.forceunequip
  • nameplates.list
  • nameplates.preview
Common Q&A:

  • Q: Why does the plugin not work?
  • A: Check your plugins that might take over teams and nameplates; For example CMI. You should set "namePlates: false" in Modules.yml and DisableTeamManagement: true in config.yml. (require a restart to apply)
  • If you are using TAB. Just enable TAB Integration! (require a restart to apply)
Important things you must know:

  • This plugin works based on teams. If you are using tab plugins that based on team to sort, it won't work. I recommend to use BungeeTabListPlus or TAB.
  • Some player glowing plugin may not be compatible.
More Screenshots:

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  2. 2.1.0

  3. 2.0-PRE-8

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