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CMI Bungee plugin which is required for you to utilize fur capabilities of CMI plugin while running it at bungee network. Without it, only the portal system will be working, but no messaging across servers. Download it and put into BungeeCord servers plugin folder and reload it.
Economy: For CMI economy to properly work you will need one of two solutions:
1. Is to use recompiled Vault version from HERE which has direct support for CMI economy and will have best compatibility with other plugins.
2. Use economy injector from HERE which will add CMI economy support to any Vault build.
Both methods are valid but second one can have small issues with plugins which would tend to load straight after Vault loads and before injector himself.
P.S. Don’t forget to enable Economy in config file.

Having issues? You have new feature suggestion? Create ticket over GitHub for simple and easy tracking for me and for anyone who is interested in this plugin growth

For geo location you will need to have
THIS file in CMI folder. In case you want to see players city, use THIS file. Optionally you can enable auto download in config file.

This plugin is made to be all in one plugin for server management and replace multiple outdated plugins. It can fully replace Essentials/EssentialsX and contains simple conversion commands to transfer old player data to new system. It offers more features than you expect and provides most needed tools for creating your own unique server with new game mechanics.
Features ranging from basic ones, like heal, to most advanced ones, like kit editors ingame, item finder across all possible containers, portal systems, self updating signs, clickable holograms and so on.
Why its 15 Euro? Because its worth 150, but that would be too much to ask.

Just check review section if you have any doubt about this plugin.


Updated video from Haganite Plays

Quick showcase of plugins features by Hagenite Plays
Plugins review by Hagenite Plays


  • Over 270 commands and this is not even including separate features
  • MySQL/SQLite database system.
  • Economy system with topbalance feature
  • Cheque system, to create items containing money
  • Advanced jail system
  • Hologram system with option to click them and full PlaceHolderAPI support
  • Modular setup which allow you to disable anything you don't need to save as much server resources as you want

  • Self updating signs with PlaceHolderAPI support

  • Item scavenging system

  • Animated particle creation system


  • Portal system with custom particles, custom commands and bungeecord support

  • Mirror building by 11 different setups

  • Armor stand editor with build in GUI

  • An integrated advanced auto rank-up system based on player statistics, McMMO, Jobs and so on

  • BossBar system to show custom messages with bunch of customization

  • Send private or public messages over bungee network
  • Toast (Advancement) type messages supported for custom messages or usage in locale

  • Create custom placeholders to be used with plugin or with PlaceHolderAPI
  • Dye armor to any color you want or even make it change colors automatically

  • Attach a command to any item to be performed on item use. Ability to make limited use items
  • PlaceholderAPI plugin full support
  • Aliases system to simplify long commands. Can be enabled or disabled separately in config file for each command
  • Customizable/animated and group based TabList system

  • Flight charges. To fly by paying with money or exp.

  • Have in-game custom alias editor to change any command to your liking

  • Global placeholder system
  • Detailed player statistics

  • Option to edit players statistics by your liking.
  • Sell hand feature to sell items straight from your inventory. With build in possible exploit detection when setting prices.

  • Create clickable blocks or even entities which will perform unlimited amount of commands. Includes option to charge players with money, exp or require specific permission node. Build ingame editor.

  • Prevent monster spawning in defined worlds by defined spawn reasons.
  • Disable enchantments! Players will not be able to receive disabled enchantments using an enchantment table. GUI included

  • Control totem behavior, such as the ability to use totems from inventory rather than in hand only!

  • Custom text system to show defined text by performing defined commands by you.
  • Kit system with integrated kit creation GUI
  • Play time rewards

  • Search functionally to search throw all players (offline and PlayerVaults to) by multiple criteria
  • Scan functionality to scan the whole map for particular items in any possible container, including armor stands and horse chests.

  • Scroll throw paintings with mouse wheel

  • Fix broken chunks in your world
  • Integrated schedule system which will allow automatic command execution on defined time or in regular intervals
  • Can replace blocks in particular range by chunks or for the entire world! Extremely useful if you want to remove in example mob spawners from your world.

  • Included regex chat filtering
  • Import essentials user data with single command
  • Launch pad feature with custom power, angle or direction. Combine with portal system and you have is this

  • Allow hover over messages in regular or private messages to display additional information from PlaceHolderAPI plugin.
  • Click on chat message for simple reply
  • Create books with hover over messages or clickable commands
  • Condense items into more compact form
  • Extract items from blocks into nuggets
  • Server chunk ViewRange depending by user's permissions, up to 32 chunks!
  • Custom recipe creator

  • Put server into maintenance mode
  • Unlock item repair cost and allow item repairing up to 2147483647 levels
  • Tag players in chat by automatically changing its name and sending sound queue to them. Can be toggled off for each player.
  • Prevent item repair sharing to prevent VIP players repairing item for regular ones.
  • Jump to target location with simple command
  • Prevent rose drops from iron golem
  • Prevent MultiCraft spamming console with /list command
  • Prevent exp dupe with nether portals
  • Unlock books for editing
  • Full player respawn control
  • Teleport to any location with your ride

  • Check entity information with one simple command
  • Ride any entity you want with one simple command
  • Sit on stairs, slabs or carpets with command or simple click

  • Can hide item flags
  • Can fix light glitches in map

  • Auto afk feature. With anti jump or antiafk machine protection feature.
  • BossBar compass
  • Ban/UnBan/ TempBan/checkBan/ IpBan/TempIpBan/ IpBanList feature. Supports ban reasons and special permission for max tempban.
  • List all players currently online in grouped format.
  • BackPacks can be used by utilizing Shulker boxes in your inventory by shift right clicking on them!
  • Speed up night by sleeping in bed. Doesn't require for all players to sleep. Each sleeping player can add. Bossbar message with information while sleeping!
  • Change day/night duration to your own liking!
  • Cuff player and prevent his actions while investigation is going on
  • Lock players ip and prevent any other users from trying to log into his account from another PC
  • Prevent item renaming by Regex expression
  • Clean server with a simple command from unwanted items like dropped items (excluding weapons/armor/tools), EXP orbs, arrows, projectiles, primed TNT and falling blocks.
  • Perform commands on specific events: firstJoinServer, joinServer, quitServer, playerDeath, playerRespawn, playerTeleport, bedLeave, bedEnter, playerWorldChange, playerGameModeChange, playerKick, playerLevelChange, voidFall, elytraStartGlide, elytraEndGlide and so on...
  • Can fully control players damage based by permissions
  • Change server max player count without server restart!
  • BossBar Hp meter to see how much hp entity has in total, has left and how much damage you did. Compatible with arrows.

  • Change server motd without server restart! Color code support and double line support included.

  • Unload chunks to free up server's memory
  • Automatically respawn after death with single permission node
  • Give a boost for elytra to have ultimate flying experience in the cost of your EXP or specific items. With speed indicator and speed limit.

  • Items into chat by simply using [item] variable. Chat handling and hover over messages should be enabled and handled by CMI for this to work.
  • Load map for up to 32 chunks range for area preview
  • Clean old player data files by players offline days from playerdata folder
  • Can make spawner to drop an item with set type for later placement and getting the same spawner.
  • Check item NBT tags with simple command
  • Send private messages
  • Keep an eye on private messages with social spy
  • Keep an eye on commands player performs with commandspy
  • Send title messages directly to player
  • Send action bar messages directly to player
  • Allow dropping spawner with a particular chance when destroying them with TNT or with help of creeper.
  • Limit in how tight spawners are placed on ground to avoid from players creating huge mob farms with dozens of spawners in one place
  • Drop player head after pvp fight with particular chance
  • Drop custom entity head after killing it
  • Give each player spawner charges which ones will limit in how many players can mine in particular time frame
  • Show accounts depending by its IP
  • Player can have their own home locations
  • Warp locations can be set for players to be used
  • Control server's time
  • Control players personal time
  • Control server's weather
  • Includes vanish engine to hide players
  • Can spawn any entity with fully customizable variables. Like flying pigs!

  • Clean old player data files by players offline days from stats folder
  • Clean old Essentials player data files by players offline days
  • Clean old LWC protections by players offline days
  • Prevent players from wondering on nether "roof"
  • Perform custom command only if defined player is online
  • Perform custom command only if defined player is offline
  • Shows detailed information about player including his previously changed names (online servers only) and country. To see country you will need this file which should be placed inside CMI folder
  • Can show detailed list of all nicknames player had before with dates when he have changed it (online servers only)

  • Edit online/offline players inventory
  • Edit online/offline players ender chest
  • Fill item in your hand to maximum size
  • Spawn tree at location you are looking
  • Open workbench for you or another player
  • Open villager trade window for you or another player
  • Silently (without open animation) open chests for preview
  • Allows joining full servers with permission node
  • Set spawn point for players for them to have simple teleport point or respawn after death
  • Elevator system
  • Prevent from having more than one user with the same name but different capitalization joining your server.
  • Build in command cooldown system to prevent instant command usage. Cooldowns are being saved even after server restart.
  • Build in command warm up a system to prevent command usage like /tp instant and prevent players from running away from PVP.
  • Show total players play time on server and first join date
  • Show full sorted list by players play time on server
  • Change server player slots without needing to restart server for change to take effect
  • Has built in counter to count down from defined amount. Useful for PVP duels or for drop parties.
  • Inform administration about particular players login
  • Block chorus teleportation with permission node
  • Give items with custom name, lore or enchantings to online/offline player. Specialized mob spawner support. Official item tag support
  • Change online/offline player game mode!
  • Change online/offline player god mode!
  • Give temporary god mode for player, until relog
  • Change online/offline player fly mode!
  • Give temporary fly mode for player, until relog
  • Change online/offline player fly speed!
  • Change online/offline player walk speed!
  • Change online/offline player spawn location!
  • Change online/offline player potion effects!
  • Change Nick Name with color codes/black lists and other optional limitations
  • Automatically change players game mode to defined one on world change
  • Automatically change players fly mode to defined on world change
  • Automatically change players god mode to defined on world change
  • Check server status

  • Teleport all online/offline players from specific world!
  • Teleport to online/offline players location!
  • Teleport back to your death location!
  • Change online/offline players maxhealth!
  • Set spawner by looking at it and performing simple command.
  • Heal online/offline player!
  • Feed online/offline player!
  • Clear online/offline players inventory!
  • Clear online/offline players ender chest!
  • Disable public chat for player for clean chat and avoid spam if you are creating video.
  • Edit signs by shift right clicking it
  • Change sign text lines with simple command. Option to change multiple sign lines at once. Takes in consideration if player can build in that location and prevents any sign text change where they can't.
  • Copy sign text from one sign to multiple others with a simple command.
  • Repair items for online/offline players
  • Enchant item for online/offline players
  • Change item name for online/offline player
  • Change item lore for online/offline player
  • Change online/offline players exp!
  • Change online/offline players hunger!
  • Change online/offline players compass pointer target!
  • Change online/offline players Hat to any block!
  • Spawn any players head and give it for online/offline player
  • Teleport to any world location
  • Print out list of players with OP
  • Show player nickname change history over Mojang page
  • Clear chat
  • Show all possible color codes
  • Edit players inventory in real time
  • Save inventory at any time you want
  • Load inventory from saves
  • Save inventory on players death for future restore
  • Check players position in world with extra information when hovering over message

  • Show message with death location

  • And much much more...

Java 8 and up
PaperSpigot/Spigot/Bukkit – 1.7.10/1.8.x/1.9.x/1.10.x/1.11.x/1.12.x/1.13.x/1.14.x/1.15.x/1.16.x/1.17.x
My Worlds


For developers who wants to use CMI as dependency for particular features and needs to have API to work with. You can download clean version of plugin from HERE. This version contains all methods used in original plugin but is stripped down from any actual code, so plugin will not work on actual server but will help to develop plugin of your own based on CMI engine. Github repository can be found HERE

Custom CMI Events


All messages can be translated and separate locale files can be created for easy use. By default plugin is translated to EN language.

Some extra languages are included. They can be not fully translated, any contribution for additional translation are welcome ^.^ :
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  1. Drag and Drop jar into your plugins folder
  2. Start server for default files to be created
  3. Edit by your choice and enjoy
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