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Below I have tried to list a lot of problems that I personally encountered when I had a server with 30 thousand unique players, which this plugin will help you deal with.

  • Do you find the default Minecraft mobs boring and would like to change them?
  • Are you tired of killing the same mobs over and over again?
  • Do you have the "Monster Arena" plugin on your server and would like to improve it significantly?
  • Have you ever thought that a monster might drop a special key to unlock some part of your server?
  • Do players leave your survival server after a while because they have "seen everything"?
  • Or in general, if you feel like you're losing players on your server, this plugin can help you get them back.
Remember, THIS IS NOT A MAGIC PILL (but it could be close). The best solution to build a quality server is care. Here are some general tips that apply whether or not you buy this plugin:

  • Be mindful of how you build your gameplay and your worlds. Sometimes less is more.
  • Install a mini-game plugin that will keep players engaged while they are not playing.
  • Consider a multi-world plugin like Multiverse-Core which will allow you to have multiple worlds.
  • Install a dynamic map like DynMap to encourage players to track themselves in worlds.
  • Read the Spigot changelog frequently, try to understand the changes and update Spigot accordingly (at least every other day on new versions of Minecraft, otherwise once a week is enough).

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:​

What mobs can be made Bosses?​

Any spawning creatures in Minecraft, from pigs to zombies and Ender dragons, and if you have Citizens installed, even player NPC bosses.

Will Boss work with MythicMobs or similar?​

Yes! Boss has been reported to work with other custom monster plugins.

Can I make animals aggressive? Example: Chicken attacking players?​

Yes! Starting with Boss 4, we support the integration of citizens with custom pathfinders and targets. Even the sounds and skins for Player Bosses are customizable!

Is there a way to spawn a Boss without a spawn egg?​

There are many ways! You can create spawn rules, such as spawning a Boss every Friday at 17:00 local time, spawning Bosses naturally by replacing vanilla mobs, or spawning Bosses when entering a region.

You can also spawn bosses by placing eggs in a dispenser or by executing "/boss spawn". You can even make a command block that executes that command to spawn them, or use our developer API to create your own code.

Can I run a custom command when the boss spawns or dies?​

Absolutely, less than 2 minutes if you use our clean GUI, open the Boss window > Settings > Commands and configure.

Is it possible to let bosses spawn if you enter a region?​

Absolutely less than 3 minutes, if you create a spawn rule using our GUI, enter /boss menu and select Spawning to start. You can even force the bosses to stay within the same region!

Plugin documentation: Tyk

Boss Plugin Compatibility:​

  • Java 8 or later
  • Spigot or Paper 1.7.10 or higher (other forks should work)
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