25% OFF ! Modern Survival Setup | Native 1.18.2

Free 25% OFF ! Modern Survival Setup | Native 1.18.2 1.0.3

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Are you looking to start an modern looking survival server? You have found the best one around, this setup is
running on the latest 1.18.2 version. It has a total of 24 ranks and has lots of features to offer that all your
players will love!

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Test Server:

This setup does NOT require any premium plugins except Citizens, which can also be obtained for free.

Looking to start a network? Check out my full network setups that go hand in hand with one another!




  • Random Teleporter; Use a simple command to get started.
  • Clean chat formats; Have a clean and easy to ready chat.
  • Chat Games; Players can earn coins by guessing the word.
  • Player Chestshops; Players in the Gold tier can create shops.
  • Clearlag system; All items dropped will be cleared daily.
  • Auction House; Players can sell/buy items to each other.
  • Crate Rewards; Players can open crates for rewards.
  • Custom Menus; Easy to navigate and themed menus.
  • Dropped item names; Item names will be displayed in an hologram.
  • Player Glows; Donators are able to use a glow effect.
  • Donator Tags; Tags that players can use as suffix.
  • Farm Control; Prevents lag on big mob farms.
  • Grief Prevention; Players are able to protect their land from others.
  • Holograms above mobs; Mobs show their name and health in holograms when damaged.
  • Job System; Earn money through various types of jobs.
  • Player Kits; There are a total of 6 player kits.
  • Player Warps; Players in the Lapiz tier can create player warps.
  • Quest System; Complete various tasks to earn money or other rewards.
  • Sleep System; Not the whole server has to sleep to change the day/night.
  • Bartender; Purchase various drinks with effects.
  • Timed Rewards; Daily rewards on timing.
  • Trading System; Players can safely trade their items.
  • Xray Detection; Let's staff members receive Xray detection alerts.
  • Interaction Visualizers; Each interaction with blocks have animations.
  • Extra Commands; Easily add commands players can get access to with a one-time payment. (In-game currency)
  • Tree Gravity; Players can purchase Tree gravity so tree's fall down when chopped, can be turned on and off.
And lots more! Check out all of the features in the test server!

Have more idea's? Feel free to tell me and I will see if it's possible to add to the setup! :)

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