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Description of Zephyr models – Skills & Equipment:​

Add 7 custom skills and 7 items of equipment to your game! Zephyr is an air character that you can become in the game by equipping his armor and weapons using his air type skills.

Video review of Zephyr models – Skills & Equipment:​

The pack contains Zephyr – Skills & Equipment:​

  • Zephyr Dagger (item model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 6 related skills
  • Shiny Zephyr Dagger (Item Design/Item Design/Mythic Coolness): 6 related skills
  • Zephyr Head (Item Model/Item Model/Mythic Crucible): 1 Associated Skill, Emissary Eye Texture, Inventory Icon
  • Zephyr Helm (Armor Design/Item Design/Mythic Game): 1 Associated Skill, Inventory Icon
  • Zephyr Chestpiece (Armor Design/Armor Design/Mythic Weapon Design): 1 Associated Skill, Inventory Icon
  • Zephyr Pants (Armor Design/Weapon Design/Mythic Weapon Design): 1 Associated Skill, Inventory Icon
  • Zephyr Boots (Armor Design/Weapon Design/Mythic Weapon Design): 1 Associated Skill, Inventory Icon
  • Air Slash (skill model)
  • Sign of the Wind (skill model)
  • Tornado (skill model): 1 animation
  • Tornado Spin (skill model): 1 animation
  • Cyclone (skill model): 1 animation
  • 8 custom sound effects
  • MythicLib custom skills config
  • Fix broken armor for shaders
  • Support for MMOItems and MythicCrucible
  • Emission skill textures for Optifine & Shaders
  • Instructions on how to get equipment in the game

Skills in Zephyr - Skills & Equipment:​

  • Passive - Aerial Burst (Passive): Zephyr knocks back creatures and gains a speed boost when damaged.
  • Basic Attack - Air Slash (Left): Zephyr deals two slash attacks at the same time. Deals additional damage to Wind Marked enemies.
  • Skill 1 - Tornado (Right): Zephyr fires a tornado that damages enemies in a lane, lifting them into the air.
  • Skill 2 - Wind Shadow Step (Shift + Right): Zephyr teleports to the target and leaves a wind trail.
  • Skill 3 - Cyclone (Shift + Shift): Zephyr creates a cyclone that sucks in nearby enemies.
  • Ultimate - Storm Strike (Shift + Left): Zephyr teleports to mid-air enemies (caused by Zephyr's tornado skill) and inflicts several mid-air slashes. The final slash knocks enemies to the ground.
  • Combo Skill 1 - Tornado Spin (Shift + Right - Right) - Zephyr teleports to an enemy, leaving a wind trail, and spins his dagger, creating a tornado that lifts enemies into the air.

Screenshots of models and pack Zephyr – Skills & Equipment:​





How to give out items in the game from the Zephyr pack - Skills & Equipment:​


/mi browse
search for SWORD category and ARMOR category

======================================= =======


/mm i get zephyr_dagger
/mm i get zephyr_dagger_shiny
/mm i get zephyr_helmet
/mm i get zephyr_head
/mm i get zephyr_chestplate
/mm i get zephyr_leggings
/mm i get zephyr_boots

=============== =================================

Zephyr head:​

/minecraft:give USERNAME paper{customModeldаta:8}

Zephyr Helm:​

/minecraft:give USERNAME leather_helmet{customModeldаta:6,display:{color:4307328}}

Zephyr Chest:​

/minecraft:give USERNAME leather_chestplate{customModeldаta:6,display:{color:4307328}}

Zephyr Leggings:​

/minecraft:give USERNAME leather_leggings{customModeldаta:6,display:{color:4307328}}

Marshmallow Boots:​

/minecraft:give USERNAME leather_boots{customModeldаta:6,display:{color:4307328}}

Dagger of Flamos:​

/minecraft:give USERNAME stone_sword{customModeldаta:1}

Shiny Zephyr Dagger:​

/minecraft:give USERNAME stone_sword{customModeldаta:2}

Zephyr pack technical details - Skills & Equipment:​

You only need one of the two - MMOItems or MythicCrucibles for this package to work. Both are not needed.

Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs, MMOItems, MMOCore, MythicLib, MythicCrucible
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