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Upgradeable Hoppers - Fast Hopper Plugin Link Containers Item Transfer Suction Chunk 1.19 Support

GOLD Upgradeable Hoppers - Fast Hopper Plugin Link Containers Item Transfer Suction Chunk 1.19 Support 4.12.12

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All Features List:
Spoiler: All Features
  • Create unlimited Hoppers
    • Create an unlimited amount of hopper types with their own levels and optional recipes
    • Optional chunk hopper type, which sucks items in chunks
    • Unlimited amount (configurable)
    • Unlimited transfer amount (configurable)
    • Unlimited suction radius (configurable)
    • Unlimited links amount (configurable)
    • Transfer every item
  • Best performance you can get
    • Optimized item transfer to improve your server's performance
    • This plugin makes live scans to optimize performance
    • Keeps database access as low as possible
    • No performance lasting database queries
    • Fast checks through key optimizing
    • Data optimizing
    • It's designed to use as less space as possible at your database server
  • Easy configuration, but still many options
    • Config with inbuilt explanation
    • Configure Economy
      • Vault economy supported
      • Inbuilt item economy
    • Configure full GUI
      • Edit EVERY item
      • Edit title
      • Edit lore
      • Edit material (item)
      • Edit EVERY title
    • Many options to customize your experience
      • Edit EVERY message your players will see
      • Send messages as a chat message and / or title and / or actionbar
  • GUI Interface
    • NO commands needed
    • Everything is available in a nice GUI
    • Very easy to understand and use
    • Upgrade menu
      • Upgrade different types of abilities for your hopper
      • Level system
      • Economy support
  • Storage menu
    • View and transferable items
    • Trust users to have access to storage
    • You can configure levels in the level configuration file
  • Upgradeable maximum Link Distance
    • Let your players upgrade the max. distance between hopper and link
    • You can configure levels in the level configuration file
  • Filter Option
    • Filter items
    • Adjust your custom filter for each link individually
    • Supports all items including potions etc., even items from 3rd party plugins
    • You can configure levels in the level configuration file
    • Modes
      • Whitelist
      • Blacklist
  • Economy
    • Vault support
    • Item economy
    • Experience economy
    • You can choose what you want.
  • Multiple database Types
    • MySQL
    • SQLite (Requires nothing; Everyone can use it)
  • Supports Claim/Skyblock Plugins
    • All claim or skyblock plugins support that hoppers can not be placed in claimed areas where the player is not trusted. The listed plugins below just provide special features.
    • Special Features support (toggle-able):
      • Allow players in areas where they're trusted to use all hoppers
      • Only allow hopper creation in area
      • Currently supported:
        • Lands
        • SuperiorSkyblock2
        • BentoBox
        • AdvancedChests
  • Import hoppers from other plugins
    • Import hoppers from epichoppers
  • Huge API with many possibilities
    • Customize your experience
    • See documentation on Github



With this hopper plugin, you can allow your players to transfer items over long distances or to suck items in a larger radius. You can also configure an optional chunk hopper type. All of this is combined with upgrades and management in a useful GUI menu. The hoppers are super useful and will improve gameplay. This will definitely improve your server's performance and reduce hopper lag, caused by vanilla hoppers.
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