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Ultra Minions is a high quality minion plugin for Minecraft for many types of servers. UltraMinions is highly customizable with many features.

Features of the Ultra Minions Plugin​

⁕ MySQL and SQL Lite. MySQL and SQL Lite are supported for data storage.

⁕ Minion Dialogues ⌲ Minions will talk to you with many customizable dialogue templates.
⁕ Custom minions ⌲ You can create different types of minions by controlling your production, what you get counting your AutoSmelt and Compressor upgrades.
⁕ Minion Upgrades ⌲ You have two types of minion upgrades: AutoSmelt and Compressor, which will deliver what you set as a result to the minion.
⁕ Fuel Upgrades ⌲ You have the ability to improve the minion time, you can create the ones you want by following the instructions below.
⁕ Autosale updates⌲ You have the option to set the minion to automatically sell items that cannot be added to your inventory by setting a percentage of the original price.
⁕ NBT MetaBase ⌲ Minions store everything they contain as level, upgrades, and stats in the item itself.
⁕ Animation ⌲ Minions have an animation that starts 4 seconds before the initial action and rotates as needed.
⁕ Work offline ⌲ Minions will work while you are offline, requiring no server performance and using simple but effective re-login calculations to calculate the amount of resources generated while you were offline
⁕ Upgrade your minion by levels⌲ You have the ability to upgrade to a minion by levels. (This must be set in the level configuration in the GUI).
⁕ Upgrade your minion with coins ⌲ You can upgrade to a minion with coins. (This must be set in the coins configuration in the GUI).
⁕ Upgrade your minion with a craft ⌲ You have the option to upgrade your minion with a special craft. (This must be set in the custom crafting config in the GUI).
⁕ Protect the minion ⌲ The minion is protected, so it can only be used by its owner or members of the SkyBlock Islands.
⁕ Minion skins in ⌲ You have the ability to create unlimited minion skins.
⁕ Upgrading Custom Slots ⌲ You can choose which slot this upgrade item will be in based on the number of upgrades available.
⁕ Crafting Preview ⌲ If crafting upgrade is installed, you can right click and get preview and upgrade it if you have materials in inventory.
⁕ Max minions per player ⌲ You have the option to set the max minions per player.
⁕ SkyBlock Addons ⌲ The plugin supports the following Skyblock plugins to allow island members to interact with the minion.

⁕ Link chests ⌲ You can link a chest as an additional inventory to a minion, to access this menu you just need to provide the head information.
⁕ Remaining fuel supply time ⌲ Added <time> variable to display the remaining time in the "Fuel" element you created.
⁕ Perfect Layout ⌲ Perfect Layout system that allows players to see in what conditions it is best to place a minion.
⁕ PreLoad Minions ⌲ Feature for large servers, PreLoad, what does it mean? These minions will stay loaded so as not to impact server performance every time a player logs out and joins.
⁕ Level system ⌲ Offer from the buyer,
there was an imitation of the system with hypixel, levels, to unlock the maximum number of minions, you can edit the levels, the maximum number of minions and what is required in tiers.yml.
⁕ Food stats ⌲ You have the ability to get stats indicating the minion's hunger. You can feed him by creating your own meals.
⁕ Health Statistics ⌲ You have the ability to get statistics indicating the health of the minion. If it's low, you should increase it with an item that produces a minion.
⁕ Minion shop ⌲ You have your own minion shop

Works for minions​

MINER ⌲ Will place and mine the block you set.
⌸ FARMER Uses the ground around it to plant and farm an item of your choice.
LUMBERJACK ⌲ Plants and cuts down trees.
RANCHER ⌲ Will create and kill livestock of your choice.
HUNTER ⌲ Will spawn and kill mobs of your choice.
FISHER ⌲ This fisher minion has a SQUID and a GUARD.
PEASANT ⌲ Peasant minion, this minion only works with Sandia and Pumpkin produces them naturally.
CACTUSCANE⌲ This type of minion only works with Cactus and Cane, you already have the default manual cactus.yml and sugarcane.yml
COLLECTOR ⌲ This minion will collect items in a certain range and put them in a chest.
SELLER ⌲ This minion will sell items from the chest and add an amount of money to the player.

Ultra Minions Plugin Variables​

%um_minions_size% » Returns placed minions.
%um_max_size » Returns the maximum number of minions.
%um_next_unlocked% » Returns how many minions you have already unlocked.
%um_next_restant% » Returns as many minions as you have left for the next level.
%um_unlocked_<key>_level_<level>% » It returns you if you have a level unlocked,
you must set the minion key and the level you want to check for that player.

Screenshots of the Ultra Minions plugin:​



Ultra Minions plugin commands:​

/msetup reload ⌲ Reloads the plugin.
/msetup setup ⌲ Opens a list of settings.
/msetup food ⌲ Opens a list of food settings.
/msetup autosell <name> ⌲ Create a new autosell.
/msetup autosmelt <name> ⌲ Create a new autosmelt.
/msetup compressor <name> ⌲ Create a new compressor.
/msetup fuel <name> ⌲ Create new fuel
/msetup give minion <key> <player> <amount> ⌲ Give new minion
/msetup give fuel <key> <player> <amount> ⌲ Give new fuel.
/msetup give autosell <key> <player> <amount> ⌲ I'll give you the selected autosell.
/msetup give autosmelt <key> <player> <amount> ⌲ I'll give you the selected autosale.
/msetup give compressor <key> <player> <amount> ⌲I'll give you the selected compressor.
/msetup give skin <key> <player> <amount> ⌲ I'll give you the selected skin.

Rights / Permissions of the Ultra Minions plugin:​

ultraminions.admin ⌲ Allows the use of the above commands.

minions.max.<amount> ⌲ Sets the maximum number of minions that can be placed

ultraminions.place.<key> ⌲ Controls which minions the player can place.

Installing the Ultra Minions plugin:​

To work, you only need to download and select one of two files: UltraMinions.jar is for versions 1.8 to 1.12.2, and UltraMinions_1_13+.jar is for versions 1.13 to 1.16.3.

If you have a server on kernel 1.17.+ then use the file from UltraMinions_1_17+.jar archive (starting from version 5.7.2)
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