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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
Languages Supported:Default files : English -- French -- Chinese (Taiwan) (by 踢米米) -- Chinese (by qsefthuopq) -- Russian (by Arifjan) -- Spanish (by RaphaelSimon)Donation Link:


Contrary to what I have previously announced, I finally took the decision to NOT recode this plugin, for various reasons, including but not limited to a lack of time and motivation. My apologies for those who expected it.

The plugin is however still functional
, and all the features described below and on the wiki should still work properly.

Bug fixes will still be provided, however they will take much LONGER than what is usually expected for a premium plugin. New features will NOT be added. Help with the plugin is NOT guaranteed, and probably will be non-existent.

For that reason, I made the price much lower if you still are interested in the features offered here. But be aware of the above!



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For a lot of players, a server that has no economy features is as simple as that : boring.
That's an understandable opinion, although maybe not expressed in the kindest way. Maybe it's not boring because of its other feature ; but economy does indeed brings a whole bunch of extra fun in a server. Shops have always been a part of minecraft servers.

And of course, the more players enjoy, your server, the more they'll stay on it, right ? Whenever it comes to becoming a baller, players are down for it, and usually enjoy it.

And SupremeShops can play a great role in that.

By taking all the classic shop ideas and combining them with innovative ones, we can do something big. Something that has everything it can dream of. And that's what SupremeShops is.

It has all you could think of in a shop plugin, and more. While staying true to the origins of minecraft server shops, it brings new features (some never seen before) to create the most powerful shop plugin ever seen.


Key points of the plugin :

  • Trade any kind of object. An "object" in SupremeShops is something that can be traded, currently items, money, commands, XP level, PlayerPoints points, and TokenEnchant tokens. More can be added on demand !
  • Supports any kind of custom item from any other plugin, with custom NBT, custom durabilities (unbreakable), etc.
  • Leave behind the old "buy/sell" principle and be free to create whatever kind of trade you want : in a shop, multiple objects can be added to each side ("taking" and "giving"), which means the trades possibilities are endless. You can trade any object(s) against any other object(s) : items vs money, XP vs money, player points + money vs commands, commands vs items + XP levels, ... anything you want, in any direction.
  • Everything can be done through beautiful and intuitive GUIs : from trading to managing, no complex or annoying procedures to memorize ; almost no effort is required to create something, and then you can be guided by the intuitive GUIs.

Shops :
  • A shop represents a trade (some objects taken from the player and added to the shop stock, and some objects given to the player and removed from the shop stock).
  • Physical (block shop, sign shop) or abstract (GUI shop).
  • Create interact conditions to define under which circumstances and who can interact with the merchant.
  • Create rentable shops for your players to rent, with many options such as rent conditions, rent price, rental period, max rent period streak (with delay), unrented particle pattern, etc.
  • Allow other players to edit your shops : there's a managers system that allows you to add players as managers for your shop, customize their permissions for the shop, and even pay them daily/weekly/monthly with objects.
  • Different displays around shops, such as display items with holograms, particles, or signs.
  • Advanced stock management system : everything is managed through the shop. The customer doesn't directly interact with your bank account or inventory, you're free to choose when and what to restock, and of course the shop is available when the owner is offline.
  • In the management GUIs, buttons to withdraw/restock all stocked objects, or specific objects.
  • Easily restock a shop, then interact with other shops to directly restock them as well.
  • Admin shops can be created, and stock management is toggleable for those.
  • More about shops can be found on the wiki.

Merchants :
  • A merchant can contain multiple shops (either created directly in the merchant for faster setup, or external shops linked to the merchant).
  • Physical (block merchant, sign merchant, NPC merchant).
  • Create trade conditions to define under which circumstances and who can trade with the shop.
  • Create rentable merchants for your players to rent, with many options such as rent conditions, rent price, rental period, max rent period streak (with delay), unrented particle pattern, etc.
  • Allow other players to edit your shops : there's a managers system that allows you to add players as managers for your shop, customize their permissions for the shop, and even pay them daily/weekly/monthly with objects.
  • Different displays around merchants, such as particles, signs, skins, equipment, and status (for NPCs).
  • Admin merchants can be created.
  • Please note that NPC merchants are only available for 1.9 and above versions.
  • More about merchants can be found on the wiki.

Admin shops :
  • Admin shops (configs) must be differentiated from in-game admin shops (shops with admin permissions, such as no stock management).
  • So, admin shops (configs) contain different admin shop trades.
  • Admin shop trades can be shown in custom GUIs.
  • They'll behave the same as an in-game shop, but for custom GUIs.
  • Easily create admin shops, either with the in-game admin edition GUI or with a quick generation system that's even faster.
  • There are a bunch of default admin shops generated by default.
  • More about admin shops can be found on the wiki.

Powerful custom GUIs :
  • They can be shown using either the menu command or by interacting with a configured trigger.
  • Every GUI can have different settings such as name, size, content items (slot, type, name, lore, enchants, nbt, etc).
  • Actions can be linked to content items : open another custom GUI (to create navigable sub-GUIs systems), open player shops/merchants list GUI, open player shops/merchants by owner list GUI, open viewer shops/merchants and create new, open an admin shop trade, or quick sell all items in inventory in the visible admin shops.
  • Automatic paging system if there are too many items or if a specific slot is bound twice to an item.
  • More about custom GUIs can be found on the wiki.

Triggers :
  • Triggers are "activators" that will display particles and open a specific GUI when interacted with.
  • Interaction and particles can depend on permissions and conditions.
  • There are currently a few triggers types : block (by coordinates), Citizens NPC (by ID), Entity (by name), MythicMobs Mob (by ID), NPC (GCore client-side NPC) (by id), and Precise Entity (by UUID).
  • More about triggers can be found on the wiki.

Conditions :
  • They can be applied to some "things" (shops, merchants, triggers, modifiers, shop/merchant existence/destruction circumstances, etc)
  • Multiple conditions can be added to the same "thing" a managed so a certain amount of those must be valid, not valid, etc. It allows to create more advanced conditions logic.
  • There are many condition types : condition count, day of week, game time, in world, in WorldGuard region, permission, PlaceholderAPI variable, player health, player hunger, player items, player money (with Vault), points (with PlayerPoints), player XP level, shop block type, shop count, shop object count, shop type, time of day, tokens (with TokenEnchant).
  • Not all condition apply to everything ; some only apply to players, some to shops and merchants, some to triggers, some to all, etc.
  • More about conditions can be found on the wiki.

Modifiers :
  • It's a mathematical formula that will modify a certain amount. It can also be applied or not depending on conditions.
  • They'll usually modify the quantities of objects in a trade.
  • You can define trade modifiers (alter the quantities of objects in the trade) and trade modifiers taxes (get a tax on what the shop stock/customer receives).
  • More about modifiers can be found on the wiki.

Item money value (dynamic pricing) :
  • You can choose if the value of items should be defined by the server and for what type of shops.
  • Prices can be recommended or even forcede to players when they create objects in their shops.
  • Unbalanced trades can be notified to players (in shops and player trades).
  • All kind of items can be configured ; there are generic configs and configs specific to items (by type, name, etc ; you can override what you want).
  • For every config, those settings can be defined when the object is taken or given : default value for the item, post trade modifier, per minute modifier, post opposite trade modifier.
  • Optional multipliers can be defined for enchants.
  • More about item money value can be found on the wiki.

And more :
  • Customizable particle patterns, through a very basic and simple scripting system. Choose what animations to display for block, sign and entities.
  • Optimized as much as possible ; display items (floating with an hologram), sign display and particles are optimized. The plugin was testes on a busy server with more than 300 loaded shops and it worked like a charm. More about performances here.
  • In-game admin edition GUI if you don't want to configure some key points of the plugin in files, such as admin shops, custom GUIs or some conditions and modifiers.
  • Simple admin GUIs to do different things : edit whitelisted/blacklisted trade items, edit shops/merchants in admin mode, list player shops/merchants, purge player shops/merchants, edit rentable shops/merchants rent price, rent period, rend conditions, force unrent, destroy, etc.
  • GUIs are opened as much as possible when it comes to selecting something (a player, a shop, a merchant, a choice value, a number, etc).
  • Simple command for players to safely trade with other players, using the /trade command. More about this here.
  • Many useful commands.
  • Many useful permissions, allowing you to customize who can use what feature of the plugin.
  • Integration for AreaShop : options to destroy shops/merchants when a region is unrented or deleted.
  • Integration with Citizens : there's a trigger type for Citizens NPCs.
  • Integration with MythicMobs : there's a trigger type for MythicMobs mobs.
  • Integration with WildStacker : prevent block shop display items from being stacked.
  • Compatible with most items clearing plugins such as ClearLag : block shop display items are cleared but are regenerated almost instantly by the plugin.
  • Save data to files (json) or to a database (mysql) and even sync data between different instances of the plugin using the same database (experimental feature).
  • Extremely customizable in every aspect ! There are numerous minor configuration options :
  • All texts are configurable and it comes with some default translations by default too
  • Log plugin outputs in a file and in console
  • Log trades outputs in a file and in console
  • Option to force split unstackable items or not)
  • Option to force players to discover items (interact, click or pickup) before being able to trade it (in owned shops or other shops)
  • Option to prevent to trade items that aren't unbreakable and have less than a certain durability
  • Option to destroy shops/merchants when their owner was inactive for more than a certain time
  • Option to customize when managers wages should be paid (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Option to customize the "cool" delay during which the player must pay the rent for shops/merchants when he can't pay, or if he must leave the shop
  • Option to tax shop/merchant creation
  • Option to customize, per permission, shop blocks, max shops, max BLOCK shops, max SIGN shops, max GUI shops, max MERCHANT shops, max shop items stock, max shop xp levels stock, max shop PlayerPoints points stock, max shop TokenEnchant tokens shop, max shop Vault Money stock, max shop managers, max shop trade conditions, max shop trades (at the same time -> when selecting the amount in the trade GUI), max remote shops, max rented shops, on buy particle scripts, merchant blocks, max merchants, max BLOCK merchants, max SIGN merchants, max merchants created shops, max merchants linked shops, max remote merchants, max merchant managers, max merchant interact conditions, max rented merchants
  • Option to customize the sign inputs to create regular/admin/rentable BLOCK/SIGN shops/merchants
  • Option to prevent certain words to be used when the player must customize a text (shop/merchant display name for example)
  • Option to customize every single offset for block shop display items depending on which face of the shop the sign is placed on
  • Option to customize the different sounds played by the plugin, gui click, gui click error, player trade, other player trade (when someone else trades something and that updates the trade you're previewing), shop trade, stock add, stock withdraw, object add, unbalanced trade (gaining), unbalanced trade (loosing)
  • Many GUI options to customize the different items appearance (back item, regular/admin/rentable shop/merchant info item, merchant object info, money, xp, etc)
  • Many GUI options to customize the trade GUI, and also the management GUI items slots
  • And there are even more other small things and configuration options. More details here, you can download the default configuration files if you want to check it out.
  • Intuitive and complete developer API.
  • Many more small things not listed here are available to read on the wiki, as well as some screenshots.
  • Even though there are dozens, or hundreds of configuration options and complex features, it's almost plug-and-play. Just buy it, download it, tweak some basic settings, and you're good to go. And on the other hand, if you're willing to bring this plugin to the ground by customizing every last setting you can find, you can as well.


You can test all of my plugins on my test server! For QuestCreator, this is mainly to test the in-game editor and commands.

IP :
Updated as often as possible to the latest Spigot version.

You're opped when you join it, and your bank account is updated to its maximum limit. The configurations files, data and userdata is reset when you disconnect if there's no-one else. There is Essentials, Vault and Citizens installed as well.


Here you can find all the explanations over the plugin.
Click here to see the plugin's wiki.


In order to work correctly, this plugin needs Java 8 (or above), my GCore library (included in the zip file) and any spigot version marked as supported on this page.

Always use the latest minor version : for instance, if you're on 1.9, use 1.9.4. Also, keep in mind that this plugin was developed and tested under Spigot. Other implementations are not guaranteed to work, even though it's generally not a problem (for instance, PaperSpigot works fine).

Optional : ProtocolLib for NPC merchants (only available for 1.9 and above versions)

Optional : any other integrated plugin that is in the integrated plugins list (upper, under 'features')


By buying and using this plugin, you agree to the following!

  • You are AWARE that there will be no guarantee for support, no new features will be added and bug fixes might take a long time.
  • Plugin license can be read here (don't use or modify code, don't distribute it in any way)
  • You have access to ALL the documentation and explanations BEFORE buying the plugin, so explore it before buying. Yes, you have to put some time into the plugin in order to master it.
  • One purchase = one server / network.
  • Purchases are final and no refund will be made. If you start a PayPal issue, you'll lose access to the resource (this is a SpigotMC rule).
  • The reviews section is provided for you to give your opinion on the plugin and not to get support / to suggest things.

Thanks to the people who participated to the beta-test on discord, especially Yuky, 踢米米, Lordinouille, and many others. <3
Disclaimer for spigot staff : some users (who have reviewed below) were given a discount due to them participating in a beta-testing period for this plugin ; this is why they've been added manually as a buyer. It's not fake reviews in any way !
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