SKOG THE TREE FOLK! boss | By Little Room (patreon)

GOLD SKOG THE TREE FOLK! boss | By Little Room (patreon) 1.0

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Skog comes with a lot of features: - Summoning giant venus flytraps called "Chomps" - Bring roots from the ground to split the arena with a small chance for players to get hooked. - At 25% health, Skog will lose his left arm and create a separate entity that will fight autonomously! - When Skog stumbles, a bee descends from his tree and tries to protect his house! - After Skog's death, a bonsai will appear, players can cut down this tree and bring it home to either wait for the yggdrasil fruit to grow and cut with scissors, or they can use bone meal to raise a new pet! - Also birch varieties are included! (not shown in the video)

Need plugins: ModelEngine, MythicMobs

TUTORIAL how to install this pack
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