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Do you ever want to actually see what you have selected with WorldEdit? Do you ever want to know where your copied WE region will end up after paste? Do you ever want to check chunk's boundaries? Are you like me to lazy to install mods or to try explaining for others how to do it? Do you ever want a better way than the flood in chat to see Factions/Kingdoms/Residence/Towny claims boundaries? Then this plugin is what you wanted all this time ^.^

  • NO LIMITS! You can make selection of any size or any shape! Yes, you can have 2 147 483 647 selection in size without any impact on performance. Not like other similar plugins, just saying ^.^
  • Made to have performance in mind
  • Supports any possible particle currently present in Minecraft
  • Have build in GUI for easy to use functionality
  • Every player can set its own particles how they want to! Including spacing between particles, range, maximum amount, update interval, how long to show them.
  • Supports coloured reddust and note particle. So in theory there is over 16.5 millions possible variations available to play around.
  • Supports WorldEdit paste preview for accurate pasting before actual pasting!!!
  • Supports WorldEdit Cuboid selection
  • Supports WorldEdit Sphere selection
  • Supports WorldEdit Polygon selection
  • Supports WorldEdit Cilinder selection
  • Supports WorldEdit Convex selection
  • Supports WorldBorder square and round border modes
    Supports ChunkyBorder square and round border modes
  • Supports WorldGuard regions (Even polygon shaped!)
  • Supports Kingdoms claims with 3 different particles at once to separate own/enemy/ally lands
  • Supports PlotSquared with 2 different particles to separate own plot for some one else
  • Supports Towny claims with 3 different particles at once to separate own/enemy/resident lands
  • Supports Dice Furniture to show where furniture will be placed by just holding item in hand
  • Supports Jobs Reborn plugin to show restricted areas and current selection
  • Supports Residence protection areas
  • Supports FactionsUUID claims with 5 different particles at once to separate own/enemy/ally/truce/neutral lands
  • Supports GriefPrevention regions
  • Create particle line towards block you are looking. For simple pointing for other people to see.
  • Can show spawner activation range and entity spawn range arround it
  • Can show CommandBlock selection area like @a[x=1,y=116,z=-40,dx=10,dy=9,dz=3] or @a[x=1,y=116,z=-40,r=5,rm=10]
  • Can show beacon effect range
  • Have an option to visually show current chunk to you
  • Option to turn on chunk grid to work in a similar way as ChunkBorders mod. But this is not mod!
  • Option to see other people selections
  • Option to toggle on and off visualizer with simple command
  • Option to define max particle range
  • Option to set maximum particle effect for each player to avoid unnecessary load on players and servers side. Smart code will evenly spread available particle across selection for best looks and to avoid of millions unnecessary particles.
  • Option to define how long particles will be show for
  • Option to define how often update particles
  • Option to define the spacing between rows
  • Option to define the spacing between columns
  • Option to define separate particles for different selections
  • 1657211330431
    • /svis gui (type) - open gui for setting your personal visualiser settings
    • /svis we (paste) (lock/tp) - if paste variable not used will show WE selection (Keep in mind that WE selection is shown automatically on selection, this is only re enables it if timer runs out). If paste variable used then possible paste location will be shown for accurate positioning even after using rotate or flip functions. Option to lock current position to enable movement around and get closer look where paste ends up. Option to teleport to locked position for simple adjustments or actual paste.
    • /svis fc (fixy) - Shows factions claim lands in 3 different colors depending your relationship with that faction.
    • /svis towny (fixy) - Shows towny claim lands in 3 different colors depending your relationship with that town.
    • /svis wg (regionName) - shows region boundaries you currently in (region with lowest priority will be shown if there is more than 1 pressent) or by defined name
    • /svis res (residenceName) (-s) (-a) - shows residence boundaries you currently in or by defined name. -s variable stands for subzones, so by providing it you will see subzones too (only one layer deep for convenience purposes). -a variable is to show all surrounding residences, usefull if you want to check what is protected and what is not in area
    • /svis gp (fixy) - shows GriefPrevention claim boundaries you currently in.
    • /svis plot (fixy) - shows PlotSquared plot boundaries you currently in.
    • /svis spawner - shows spawner activation range and mob spawning range around it
    • /svis grid (fixy) - shows chunk grid (Factions server friendly feature)
    • /svis cb - Shows command block selection area if its set. Need to be looking at block it self.
    • /svis chunk - shows current chunk
    • /svis toggle - Toggles visualizer for player
    • /svis watch [nickname/info/stop] - option to see other people selections
    • /svis reload - reload configuration file
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