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What is RPG MarketPlace?

It is a plugin based on the 4Story shop system wich cames to bring a brand new way to make player trades.
It also increases your server activity.


Any problems, questions or suggestions via Discord


Showcase (v1.0)


Spoiler: Open Me!

Plugin Images




Reference i took to make the plugin


✪ Vault
✪ Economy plugin supported by vault
✪ Spigot
✪ Java 1.8 and Up


✔️ World Guard dependency not needed
✔️ Own Lightweight Region System
✔️ Create markets only in specified regions
✔️ Remove items while selling
✔️ Open inventory while selling
✔️ Buy x1 or x64(max stack)
✔️ Fully customisable messages
✔️ Holograms dependency not needed
✔️ Hologram height configurable
✔️ Directional facing for any block (1.13 and up)
✔️ Market name editable
✔️ Permissions
✔️ Set price for individual items
✔️ Set same price for all items
✔️ Price money format
✔️ Inventory care
✔️ No dupe
✔️ Imput checker
✔️ Custom Items support
✔️ Increases player activity
✔️ Normal / Whitelist / Blacklist Mode! (v1.6)
✔️ AFK NPC support (1.11-1.17)
✔️ Translatable Item Names to Local Language (1.13-1.17)
✔️ Command Completer

❓ Give me ideas!


↬ MarketPlace [mp,maple]

  • /mp create <name>
    • /mp c
  • /mp name <name>
  • /mp open
    • /mp o
  • /mp price <cost>
    • /mp p
  • mp priceall <cost>
    • mp pa <cost>
  • /mp reload
  • /mp itemlist (v.1.6)
  • /mp additem (v.1.6)
  • /mp mode (v.1.6)
  • /mp fclose (v.1.12)
  • /mp afk (v.1.9)
  • /mp help

↬ World Region [mpr,mapler]
  • /mpr create <name>
  • /mpr delete <name>
  • /mpr <A|B>
  • /mpr status <name>
  • /mpr list
  • /mpr check <name>
  • /mpr help


↬ MarketPlace
  • rpgmarketplace.create
  • rpgmarketplace.name
  • rpgmarketplace.priceall
  • rpgmarketplace.afk
  • rpgmarketplace.afkname
  • rpgmarketplace.admin

↬ World Region
  • rpgmarketplace.admin


Spoiler: Default Config


- Want to be featured here?
• Go to Discord and type on #servers-promotion channel your server IP, and other useful information you want!
• Check the rules

Spoiler: - Lumina

Spoiler: - AESIRMC


❌Plugin API: Comming soon!

❓ Region API: (Integrated on this plugin)


> If you want to use it as a dependencie, it´s free!


By buying this plugin you agree to the following terms:

- Terms -

- You will not chargeback
- No refounds
- I cannot guarantee support indefinitely.
- You may not redistribute or resell this plugin
- I may refuse to give you support with or without any
specific reason
- If you have an issue with this plugin, please contact me
before leaving bad rating
- Its made to work on spigot, i do not take responsability
for other platforms.
- You can't decompile this plugin
- Only use this plugin on your server/network
- I can update this terms of use at any time, without
- I can change the price of this plugin anytime.

- Stats -

First release
Last update
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