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Ouranos is a procedural world generation plugin that creates much more than just lands:


Ouranos has a biome system. Each biome is classified as “cold,” “temperate,” or “arid.” Cold-temperature and temperate-arid biomes are related.


Ouranos trees are massive compared to some other plugins like Stratos. The tree size limit is now 96 blocks, allowing for larger trees.


Ouranos has 3 different cave systems:
"Vanilla Caves" which look like vanilla caves.
Water caves are massive caves with flowing water.
Lava caves are deep caves with flowing lava.
Each cave can be disabled independently in the configuration file


Ouranos has a river system that has evolved from Stratos to remove unnatural behavior.


Ouranos features a custom dungeon system.


Ouranos has a complex building system that allows you to add npcs/mobs to your buildings.

Villages and cities​

Ouranos features a procedural village and town system. Each of them has several buildings that you can customize. You can also add your own buildings and NPCs to each village/town.

Ouranos vs Stratos​

Ouranos and Stratos are two different plugins with strengths and weaknesses. This page was created to help you choose between these two world building plugins.

BiomesBiomes affect terrain elevationTerrain elevation is determined by regions, and terrain elevation affects biomes. Each biome has its own climate
CavesCaves made with 3D perlin noise3 types of caves, each of which has its own characteristics
TreesLimited tree density to avoid CPU overloadA complex tree system that allows you to create trees no longer than 96 blocks
RiversCustom riversRecycle rivers to remove artifacts
DungeonsCustom dungeonsCustom dungeons
VillagesVillages consist of a central building and houses.Villages consist of various buildings, houses and walls. These may include buildings you create. Each building can contain one or more NPCs
Cities/Cities consist of various buildings, houses and walls. These may include buildings you create. Each building can contain one or more NPCs
LootsVanilla items can be looted from chestsVanilla and custom items (see Items section ) can be looted from chests
OreVanilla ores with customizable amount of oreUsing a material or data block, you can add as many ores as needed.
Canyons/Canyons are large openings in the terrain that can sometimes be associated with water caves.

Ouranos - World & City Generator plugin commands:​

Locate command​

The Locate command allows you to find points of interest in Ouranos worlds.
Use it like this: /olocate <structure | dungeon | city | village> .
Permission: ouranos.locate

Horse command​

The Horse command makes your horse appear or disappear. Use it like this: /horse <spawn | despawn> .
To use this command, you must have an equipped horse (you can do this in the stable).

Scroll update command​

You can update the horse's rename scroll using this command:
/updatescroll <name>
After using this command, your rename scroll will receive the name you passed in the command.
This scroll can be used on a horse by right clicking on it to rename it

Ouranos World Configuration - World & City Generator​

Ouranos has a world config system, which means you can create one config per world, and each world will rely on its own config to create landscapes.

Basic configuration​

The main Ouranos world configuration is called default.yml and is located in the Ouranos/worlds/ folder. This configuration will be used by all worlds that do not have their own configuration.
Custom Configuration
To create a custom configuration (applicable to one specific world), you need to use the oconfig command as follows:
/oconfig create world <имя_мира>
This will create a custom world configuration in the Ouranos/worlds/ folder.
Each world configuration must be fully configured before creating the world
  • Use /oconfig reload to reload the configuration after making changes.

Video at Ouranos - World & City Generator​

In Ouranos you can change the biomes that appear in your world. To do this, change the biomes value in the desired world configuration file. To add a biome, add a line with these values:
  • Ouranos:<biome_name> # For Ouranos biomes
  • Custom:<biome_name> # If this is a custom biome
See the Custom section
to learn how to create custom biomes

Existing biomes​

  • Ouranos: Snowy Mountain
  • Ouranos:IceCrystalPlains
  • Ouranos: FrozenOcean
  • Ouranos:plains
  • Ouranos: PeakMountain
  • Ouranos: Swamp
  • Ouranos: SakuraPlains
  • Ouranos: PineForest
  • Ouranos:FloweryMountain
  • Ouranos: Dead Forest
  • Ouranos: PineMountain
  • Ouranos: Temperate Ocean
  • Ouranos: AridMountain
  • Ouranos: Savannah
  • Ouranos: Desert
  • Ouranos: Tropical
  • Ouranos:WarmOcean
  • Ouranos: SnowyForest
  • Ouranos:RockyPlains
  • Ouranos: Jungle

Screenshots of the Ouranos - World & City Generator plugin:​

Minecraft city generator:



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