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This is a boosted version of the development with support for regions from WorldGuard.
Without this support you can download from spigot: click

Create a world. For example: /mv create OneBlock normal -g Oneblock
You write "/ob set" where you want this mode to be. (For example, in an empty world.)
The player enters the command '/ob join' or '/ob' to join the island.
Each new island is x+100 away from where you used the '/ob set' command. (You can set a different distance between islands by slightly modifying the command. For example: '/ob set 300')

Plugin features:​

You can display the level in a progress bar:

You can change the color of the progress bar:

use /ob Progress_bar level:

OneBlock plugin commands:​

/ob set - set the first block /ob set 1 time for the admin, then just /ob join and the island will be created on its own...
/ob set 500 - set the first block and set the distance of 500 blocks between the islands.
/ob circlemode true - mode for creating islands in a circle.
/ob join - join a free block(x+100)
/ob autojoin true - when players connect to a world with oneblock mode, they automatically join it.
/ob protection true - prevents players from getting off the island)
/ob border true - border for each player
/ob droptossup true - throws a drop (item) over the block.
/ob physics false - Apply physics to blocks? //for example: falling gravel
/ob invite 'playername' - invites the player to the island.
# If you just want to visit the island, use /tpa...
/ob kick 'playername' to kick the invited player off your island.
/ob accept - accept the invitation.
/ob IDreset - removes you from the player base. you can create a new island.
/ob frequency "value" - //lower is better, but lower tps (recommended 6 - 8)
# If you set the frequency too high, players will die from falls)
/ob lvl_mult 5 - Number of blocks to break to get new level, calculated by the formula:
16+ level now* level multiplier
/ob UseEmptyIslands true - whether to overwrite abandoned islands.

Island teams:​

/ob islands true - islands for new players.
/ob islands set_my_by_def - Sets your default island for new players.
/ob islands default - resets the user island and sets the default island.
/ob island_rebirth true - rebirth of the player on the island.

Configuration commands:​

/ob reload blocks.yml - reload...
/ob listlvl - displays a list of levels from the file blocks.yml
/ob listlvl 12 - displays a list of blocks added to the level from the file blocks.yml
/ob reload chests.yml - reload chests? ...

Other commands:​

/ob setleave
/ob leave
/ob chat_alert
- display the level in the chat
/ob Progress_bar color RED - set the Progress_bar color
/ob Progress_bar true - enable Progress_bar
/ob Progress_bar false - disable Progress_bar
/ob Progress_bar level - level mode Progress_bar
/ob Progress_bar settext < text> - change the text Progress_bar
/ob setlevel "nick" 14 - set the object level
/ob clear 'player' - reset the player's ob level and delete his island
/ob ver

Screenshots of the OneBlock plugin:​




Support for custom blocks​

You can spawn custom blocks (from mods or plugins) using the commands specified in the blocks.yml file

for example:​

  • '/setblock %d %d %d IC2:blockOreCopper'
  • '/setblock %d %d %d IC2:blockOreTin'
  • '/setblock %d %d %d IC2:blockOreUran'


- '/setblock %d %d %d ic2:resource 4'
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